NJ Under Christie: “We’re Falling Behind”

This post is based on a previous piece at Jersey Jazzman.

And so it begins:

For all those reformy types who say that we have high unemployment because of our educational failings, answer me this:

How is it that New Jersey, one of the highest achieving states in education, has one of the highest unemployment rates? Our jobless recovery here has many causes, but our public education system is clearly not one of them.

The hard fact is that Chris Christie has been an awful governor. He told us that cutting taxes on the wealthy, giving away scads of tax breaks for corporate interests, and neglecting our infrastructure and education priorities would lead to economic growth and job creation. It hasn’t. I understand a governor can only do so much, but Chris Christie has done all he can to make matters worse for the middle class in our state.

Further, Christie’s used teachers, cops, firefighters, and other public workers as scapegoats to dodge blame for his many, many failings. He has personally insulted teachers – not just their union, but teachers themselves – in an attempt to put the blame for New Jersey’s appalling inequality and anemic economic growth on our public school system.

His disgusting attack on public workers and their unions has proven to be nothing more than a Ponzi scheme: he won’t make a full payment into the pension system for years, placing the state in grave fiscal jeopardy. Yet he runs around the state patting himself on the back for making “hard choices,” when he has done the exact opposite.

One New Jersey has spelled out the Christie record in nauseating detail. His legacy after merely one term is an affront to the entire notion of responsible government.

We simply can’t afford to have this blustering, inept hypocrite – a man with a proven record of abject failure – running this state anymore. Like his mentor, Chris Christie has shown in his first term that he is simply not up to the job; let’s not make the mistake of giving him a second chance.

Been there, done that…

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  1. firstamend07

    Now is the time to hit him and hit him hard!

    Follow up with what One New Jersey has started.

    If CWA,NJEA,or Buono herself plans on spending money NOW is the time to get the biggest bang for the buck.

    The airwaves are there for the taking!

    A new Rutgers Eagleton poll tells it all!

    only 42 percent of voters approve of his handling of New Jersey’s economy and jobs and only 37 percent approve of his tax policy. About 50 percent approve of Christie’s efforts on education, the budget, and crime.

    These are numbers that must be hammered home!




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