Hitting The Doors And Speaking With Voters

As the weather turns and the daylight extends, my state Senate campaign is continuing to have a fantastic response as I knock on doors throughout the 39th District and speak with voters.

It was a perfect day for door-to-door campaigning recently in Westwood where I had the opportunity to speak with voters about their concerns and our effort to stand up for them in Trenton.

I spoke with a number of people who say they feel “lucky” just be employed. Many of them  working for minimum wage and are struggling to pay their household bills. They could certainly use the one-dollar minimum wage increase that my opponent believes is unnecessary and has been blocking.

I also spoke with many women about the need for equal pay for equal work. It is absolutely amazing to me that although we recently marked the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act, we are still fighting to end wage discrimination here in New Jersey.

It is clear we have a gender wage gap in our state. Unfortunately, our Governor chose to veto three of four bills passed by the Legislature, that would have outlawed this kind of workplace discrimination. I find that appalling!

My campaign is continuing and if you live in the 39th district, I hope to see you at your front door very soon. Learn more about my campaign and please join our effort at http://www.bidwellforsenate.com/

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