“Don’t Back Down”

There are political races and there are track & field races. Both types of races have much in common, and who better to explain that than Carl Lewis?

Lewis, who won nine golds and one silver in four Olympic appearances, also ran for New Jersey Senate two years ago.  Not one afraid of challenges, he opted to run in the heavily Republican eighth district where he lived.  

No doubt, his fame was one factor that helped formulate his decision to throw his hat into the ring, but unlike another famous Burlington County office holder and Michigan native, Jon Runyan, Lewis’ credentials went beyond his accolades in the stadium. He’s the founder of the Carl Lewis Foundation, which supports youth programs along with wellness and fitness. He’s coached kids in his native Willingboro and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, his political career was aborted by a lawsuit initiated by the GOP that successfully challenged his district residency on a technicality.

Now, Lewis is leaving New Jersey for the warmer climate of Houston. Last night, he was presented with an award for all of his public service to the people of Burlington County, the people of New Jersey, and the people of the world.

In his remarks, Lewis reflects on his Senate race, what he’s learned as an Olympian, a phone call he had with Chris Christie, and a message to those who think Christie should be President.

We congratulate Mr. Lewis on the achievement award.  As he moves to Texas, we hope that he continues with his involvement and enthusiasm to move that state from red to blue.

In this video, Carl Lewis is introduced by Willingboro Mayor Jacqueline Jennings.

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