Who Paid to Smear Menendez?

The Washington Post reports that the escort in the Menendez smear “has never met or seen the senator before” and was paid to make it up:

The woman identified a lawyer who approached her and a friend to make the videotape, according to affidavits obtained by the Post. That man has in turn identified another lawyer who gave him a script for the tape and paid him to find women to fabricate the claims, the affidavits say.

Who paid that lawyer? How far will this trail lead?  

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    Come on, its so obvious. Christie has some really scummy problems and there is nothing better then to be on the offense, the guy cant help himself….

    Also Wally Edge (aka Chrisites BFF) is very close to “Peter Williams” is so clear….. This is standard  Chrisite procedure,,,, the problem now is Menedez is going to go B.S. on Chrisite,,,,, this is the best thing to ever happen to Barbara Buono

  2. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    The U.S. Attorney to find out?

  3. ken bank

    I’ve posted this elsewhere but I nominate Brian Stack. Hasn’t he been feuding with Menendez over control of the HCDO for years? Isn’t he the one most likely to gain if Menendez goes down?


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