Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Mar 2-3, 2013

Here’s your weekend news roundup.  Filling in for Rosi, so let us know if we missed anything in the comments

Sequester Finger Pointing And The Impact On You

  • Solutions to the sequester? Not so much. But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  • Congress seems resigned to sequestration.
  • Senator Menendez said that N.Y.-N.J. Sandy Aid May Drop because of the Sequester.

  • The AP looks at how the budget cuts could affect you.

  • Brunt of federal cuts to hit N.J. with furloughs, airport slowdowns and court closures.

  • Farmer: Sequester reveals America’s broken politics.


  • Deciminyan was there to cover the CWA endorsement of Senator Buono for Governor and spoke with their state director Hetty Rosenstein following the event.

  • Middlesex Republicans believe they have hope.

    Examining Christie’s budget

  • The Sierra Club says that New Jersey’s environment is under attack in Christie’s budget

  • “Christie’s budget seems unwilling to acknowledge that the N.J. jobs crisis is real.”

  • Inquirer Editorial says Christie’s budget is hit and miss.

  • The Courier Post asks where is the focus on property taxes?

  • Municipal officials say their town will “make-do” with flat aid.

    Everything you may have missed in Education

  • Check out Jazzman’s weekly education roundup for any education news you may have missed.

  • N.J. schools debate granting police direct access to security cameras

    Sandy Recovery

  • Report says Atlantic City among highest number of Sandy-damaged homes in state.

  • After leaving their trains in a place they were warned not to and seeing them flood, the NJ Transit board is expected to vote Monday on three multimillion-dollar contracts with firms handling repairs to infrastructure and equipment damaged by superstorm Sandy.

  • Ortley homeowners are frustrated by delays in utility, insurance and permits.

    Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges… or maybe we do

  • Montclair Council members will start carrying badges “for identification and access purposes.”

    NJ to appeal sports betting decision

  • After suffering two setbacks in federal court, New Jersey officials are pressing ahead with a fight to give the state’s struggling gambling industry a boost by introducing betting on sporting events.

  • Despite the legal setbacks, N.J. is still moving at dizzying pace to implement online gambling.

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    1. vmars

      when we already have it at the Meadowlands, and have forever.  Why is betting on one sport – horse racing — OK and not on others?


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