Senate Dems put Kean Jr. in “Trenton Shake” video

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The Senate Democrats have been attempting to draw attention to the silence from Senator Tom Kean Jr. regarding questions about contributions from firms that have received contracts for Sandy cleanup and today they took their latest step.

From an email sent out by the Senate President:

You may have received a few messages from me in recent weeks challenging NJ Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. not to accept campaign money from any of the questionable Hurricane Sandy debris removal contractors or their politically-connected subcontractors – firms who have become the subject of intense media and legislative scrutiny (Be sure to Google “AshBritt”).

Well… Since Kean has been ducking, bobbing, and weaving on this issue for the past few weeks, I thought this video might “shake” him into coming clean. Check it out and forward it to your friends and family. Share it on your Facebook walls and retweet it.

And here is the video…

Production quality aside, their message regarding Kean’s silence continues to be clear and this is how the Senate President closed the email:

Kean should immediately accept my challenge and avoid further appearances of impropriety.

Anyone think Kean will accept?

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