QoTD Chris Christie: Vouchers

Quote of the Day was pulled from Star-Ledger reporter Jenna Portnoy’s Twitter feed, and retweeted by Blue Jersey alum DSWright (hat/tip) and then @BlueJersey:

The state controls Newark public schools and Newark is going to court to get control back. Jersey City, the first school system in New Jersey to come under state control, in 1989, retains the label of “failing school system”. The state also controls Paterson schools – it was at a ‘Town Hall’ there that a man shouted ‘fix the schools’ and Christie replied by addressing that grown man as “Boy”. Paterson is also suing to regain local control. And now Camden schools, the first takeover initiated by Christie, as he moves toward re-election and the presidential run he’s hinted he wants beyond it, and will cost a fortune. Four urban districts – easy to see what they have in common, Jersey Jazzman has pointed out.

At the same time, many religious-based and private schools are struggling financially. What better way to combine the aim of shoring them up with public money, particularly when you can help underwrite places that share your ‘conservative moral values,’ including “upholding the sanctity of traditional marriage”.

The schools where the Christies and Norcrosses send their kids? They’re doing fine, they always will. But the fate, say, of the kind of Catholic school you might have come up through is more complicated.

But almost without exception most of the kinds of complications struggling religious and private schools are faced with can be ameliorated by the chunks of public cash vouchers would mean. And the best place to start that engine up? Declare whole vast school districts disaster zones, and let privatizing tycoons and poorly-researched do-gooders have at those schools, those kids. All of it with a “moral compass” that does not take into account nor seek to address the poverty and danger some of those children face, nor their nutition, nor their parents’ efforts to stay healthy or earn a living wage to support them.

These are not Chris Christie’s concerns, these aren’t his voters – either in 2013 or 2016. But when you hear him talking vouchers – never forget it isn’t your kids’ future he’s concerned with. It’s his.  

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  1. Nick Lento

    …to aggressively publicly hold Christie accountable for his full record…and to do so in great detail and to do it in a way that is accessible to the public and that will create a demand for Christie to respond.

    The man is a complete fraud in the sense that he’s a Republican trying to pretend to be a Democrat in order to win votes from an electorate which does NOT WANT the Republican agenda forced upon them.

    As I’ve been saying since Christie’s been on the public scene…he’s a bully/con artist.

    But if people aren’t disillusioned with the con job…they will continue to believe the bullshit.

  2. kfoster

    George Norcross CURIOUSLY lent his support in 2011 for the Opportunity Scholarshit Act. He had already been planning on opening his own public/private charter school with KIPP so why would he want to lose students to that? This has me wondering what back door deal is going to happen for Christie to get it passed considering what has already happened.

    Norcross got his Rutgers-Rowan medical school that will allow him to skim even more untold millions from the state now that the DRPA funds have dried up. He also got his “Renaissance” school on the STATE OWNED site where a desperately needed public school was supposed to be built but somehow got held up for years. That same site also conveniently ended up serving as a parking lot for construction equipment during the Cooper expansion project (the only hospital project

    EVER paid for with DRPA funds). No sooner than the expansion was finished Christie and Cerf give him the go ahead AND the property for his school. Then there is the county police deal. (I’ll have to write a diary for that one and to get more detailed about all of this.)

    That’s an awful lot of things given to a man he once considered a criminal who would be in jail if it weren’t for what Christie claimed was an intentionally mishandled investigation. Sorry if I seem suspect, but someone should ask how this all happened. Those combined with Christie’s new “coziness” with Norcross make  me wonder what the price was for him to be handed those things so blatantly?

    IMHO this was all payment in full for the supposedly “bipartisan” (what a joke) Pen/Ben deal. Norcross gave him the votes to get that passed.

    Now what will Norcross get for the OSA votes he needs which WILL position him better for 2016?

  3. Jersey Jazzman

    OSA is pretty much all about courting the conservative Jewish population in Lakewood (and in Passaic to a degree):



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