PolitickerNJ Ordains Former Governor Jim McGreevey

It’s a media cautionary tale to be this sloppy in a published report. Not the first we’ve seen. Here’s why I’m promoting:  (1) they’re big mistakes, particularly IDing McGreevey as a priest, when he isn’t one (2) mistakes were for hours, it took a reader to point it out to PNJ and (3) even after they got the reader’s heads-up, PNJ simply changed the story without an editor’s note, or any kind of ‘we regret the error’. Not so cool. – Promoted by Rosi

PolitickerNJ.com, “reporting” on the reportedly awesome HBO movie about Jim McGreevey, gave the former Governor something he couldn’t get from the church: ordination.

Governor McGreevey unfortunately was not ordained an Episcopal priest.

PolitickerNJ.com also got the name of the movie incorrect in two different ways, calling it “Fail to Grace” in the headline and Fail to Grave” in the body.  The name of the documentary is “Fall to Grace.”  Make of it what you will, but the gaping difference between PolitickerNJ’s version and reality indicates a lot about the political leanings of the site.

UPDATE 7:31 a.m. 3/25: This image was taken after the post had been up on the PolitickerNJ blog for hours.  They have since edited it so McGreevey is a “spiritual advisor” and they have the name of the documentary correct.

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  1. A.V. El-Hepta

  2. denniscmcgrath

    I’m not so sure that one’s a typo. Could be editorializing …

  3. Bill Orr

    the importance of fact-checking and proofreading – a recurring problem at PotickerNJ.  


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