Is LD39 winnable?

Good article in PolitickerNj leaves me with the impression this district might flip to Democrats. Republicans are at each other’s throats, Bob Schroeder is a major embarrasment to the GOP, Gerry Cardinale is ten years younger than Frank Lautenberg but appears ten years older. There’s also a good chance Rob Hermansen won’t go away quietly and may primary Schepisi and Auth for Assembly. He’s a strong candidate and could do considerable damage to the GOP ticket.

It seems to me that with a strong ticket and some serious money this district could change from red to blue and retire Gerry Cardinale, who looks like he needs a bib along with his bowl of Farina for breakfast.

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  1. Joebluejersey11

    look for Progressive to eat their own…

    Look for some Progressive to come out saying their was selective persuction in the very low turnout, no to low-contest convention and then look for the Ghost of this Ferreria guy to be brought out and then when the Dems lose, they can blame in on this Ferreira guy.

    Then there will complaints about DCBC/BCDO/ACDC not giving them enough money (pay to Play?)….. of course there will be no campaigning, or appropriate issues (but fracking, sex slavery, free internet will be overly discussed) but nothing what the overtaxed voters of Dist 39 want to hear….cause Progressives are great a adovacating but got to get better in campaigning and (aghast!!!) getting down and dirty,,,its Jersey politics, gotta get used to it or keep complaining.


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