Inky Bias?

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Front page story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Menendez bill could have aided top donor” (66 column-inches) – emphasis mine

Another story, inside, on page 7:

“Escort recants her Menendez allegation” (12 column-inches)

Bias? Or is this just “if it bleeds, it leads?”

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  1. vmars

    And they didn’t report when the other woman said she never met Menendez, or that the guy who threw the party denied it.  

    The story about the prostitution is factual, and in the past.  It has real merit as a story.  The story about the legislation is guesswork and possible benefits in the future should the bill ever become law.  Of course in today’s political media the guesses lead because you can be more salacious with guesses than with facts.

    At least the kept the AP headline and said it “could have” helped his donor.

    When Bob Ingle took the story for his blog he changed it to “would have”

  2. 12mileseastofTrenton

    The hooker story was always trivial bullshit.  The kind the media usually plays up.  The Melgen story, on the other hand, is relevant and important.  The Inquirer placed the stories where they deserved to be.

  3. mmgth

    The Inquirer story is… a bill sponsored by Sen. Menendez that did not pass could have benefited a donor if the company he invested in had developed an engine that qualified the company for a tax credit, (they did not), due to the Menendez bill that did not pass. Got that? Not what is a story is the Senator’s  criticisims of the Christiecrats and George Norcross’ part ownership of the Inquirer.

  4. ken bank

    So what’s Donald Segretti up to these days? And where’s Bob Woodward when we need him, besides crying “wolf” about email “threats” from a nerdy economist.

    Actually I think it’s more likely a Democrat who wants to take down Menendez. I mean, who stands to gain the most? Brian Stack? Hasn’t he been feuding with Menendez for years over control of the Hudson County Democrats? If Menendez goes down, wouldn’t Brian Stack emerge as the dominant force in Hudson County politics?

    Does anybody know any good private detectives in Santo Domingo?


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