ICYMI: CWA ad against Christie lottery privatization

It never ends with Chris Christie, who like so many in the GOP wants to open more and more government function to privatization and tycoon opportunism. CWA began running this ad this week, charging that Christie’s lottery plan would outsource work to foreign corporations, put even more New Jerseyans out of work and hurt small, local businesses. In a state where the famous governor distracts voters with his carefully crafted Jersey guy act and more TV exposure than Snooki, will this really fly in a state with the 4th-highest unemployment in the USA?

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  1. firstamend07

    Add this to the Christie list. Only this has a new twist.

    On December 12, 2012 a $7.2 million ,single bid ,contract was awarded to Aramark Corp. to privatize all Food Service operations at Bayside State Prison in Cumberland County New Jersey. This contract was originally pulled back a year and a half ago and reworked to Aramarks specs.  

    This is the first “in- prison” privatization contract awarded by the NJDOC since the 1990’s when the Medical operation for all the prisons was given to a for-profit company ( that was a financial disaster!).

    The Contract # T- 2780-X- 22211 has just this week stopped being kept secret because the contract details the legally questionable practice of an outside, for-profit company employing inmates to help them enhance their ” bottom line”.

    The practice of privatizing government operations has long been a contentious issue. But this privatization is different. In T 2780X-22211 Aramark is provided with 369 inmates ,being paid at the inmate salary scale ,by the State, to make on average 7,620 meals a day and Aramark is getting $3.6 million/year ,of taxpayer money, for each of the first two years, to make this work.

    In short, Aramark is using inmate labor to make a corporate profit. In some States the use of inmate labor for private profit and purposes is illegal. Aramark is only hiring part-time civilian staff at rates of $11 -$15 per hour, with no benefits, to man the prison 24/7 and provide meals each day.

    Aramark is dependent on this inmate labor pool for the operation to be successful and to turn a profit. Sweet deal indeed!

    The contract reads as if Aramark wrote it themselves!

  2. Hetty Rosenstein

    Governor Christie’s privatization scheme includes the requirement that there be an up front pay out of $120 million.  You have to pay the state to get the contract. When corzine tried this the entire press corps was in an uproar.  


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