Gov. Chris Christie Calls a Black Man “Boy” in Paterson, NJ

This week, Governor Chris Christie let his famous command of his own image slip and said something to an African-American man – in a church in Paterson – that we have not heard in many, many years in New Jersey. In America.

FYI: Exchange between Christie and the man, in the video above, is from NJTV’s NJ Today with Mike Schneider [March 12, 2013]. Here is the full broadcast. Exchange appears in two places; starting the show (:01-:08) and at 4:28.

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  1. Bill Orr

    And inexcusable. Also, Christie recently referred to Speaker Oliver as the African American female Speaker of the Assembly. Would she refer to him as the white male governor? I don’t think so.  

    Racial polarization and slurs should have no role in NJ politics.

  2. toaonua

    …he’s playing constantly to the right-wing base. I think he’ll have a hard time keeping his temper under control as he sees the competition gaining momentum and his “sure-lock” on reelection slipping away in the days and weeks to come. We must keep up the pressure, relentlessly, to make sure this man is gone from office in 2014.

  3. deciminyan

    1. Calling a black man by a racial epithet.

    2. Urging the press to “take a bat” to a powerful Democratic woman.

    3. Calling a Navy SEAL and true American hero an “idiot.”

    4. Calling another female legislator a “jerk” because she criticized the governor’s use of a state helicopter for personal business.

    5. Dismissing the comments of a female school teacher at a town hall meeting.

    Does Chris Christie have the temperament to lead a state of 8.5 million people?

  4. Jeff Gardner

    I’m sure the Governor and friends will claim this was something other than what it sounds like. But, no matter how much benefit of the doubt I try to give, it sure sounds exactly like it sounds.

  5. robosz

    Look for the next few Town Halls (you know, “communicating with the public” and constituent service) to go back to the winning strategy of working the room in places where the public is totally on your side.  Next stop, Mendham?

  6. johnleesandiego

    “Language Matters Lady and Gentlemen, Language Is A Window Into Attitude” ~ NJ Gov Chris #Christie  

  7. Marie Corfield

    Calling Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver a liar, and Assemblyman Reed Guscioria ‘Numbnuts’ and justifying it by stating that his mother used to call him that. Name-calling is the most basic form of bullying, and is the last resort of one who does not have an educated opinion or response. He signed the nation’s strictest anti-bullying law. The irony of that should not be lost.

  8. southernbluedog

    Even if we give Gov. Christie the benefit of the doubt about him not knowing it was a racist thing to say, it’s still extremely disrespectful to refer to any adult male (regardless of race) as a “boy.”

    Now, I must ask about the use of the word “boy” in this exchange between President Bartlett and Robert Ritchie in ‘The West Wing.’ Is Ritchie calling the President a boy, or is he just using boy as part of an idium?

  9. kfoster

    he’ll start telling women how not to get raped…….Just to get back in the good graces of the CPAC, Star Wars bar scene.

  10. firstamend07

    Saw this the other day. It was DEFINITELY a put down.

    He must be held accountable.  

  11. Hetty Rosenstein

    This is not okay. and to the extent that this is not being covered by the traditional press, it is especially not okay.  I urge everyone to post this video on their face book page and alert everyone they know about it.  Disgusting.  

  12. deciminyan

    Early in his term, Christie fired the only African-American justice on the New Jersey Supreme Court. Not for any judicial misconduct, but for political reasons.

    I don’t think Christie is a racist. But he is disrespectful to a large number of his constituents, not just African-Americans. And he does hang around the GOP leadership, many of whom are racist.

  13. firstamend07

    Ms. Hayes does a very good job and is fearless.

  14. firstamend07

    It seems that most people are saying he is not a racist ,but ,in his typical way,insensitive and crass.

  15. Lovepubliced

    About 4:40 in.

  16. firstamend07

    Christie uses words to control a conversation .This insensitive remark is classic.

    He could have said ” Sir” but he made the decision to say ” boy”.

    The man is insensitive to anyone who disagrees with him.

    For some reason that is a badge of honor in this State.

    THAT is a shame.

  17. rubybegone

    many of our school kids call each other worst than that even using the “N “word frequently in conversations .

  18. firstamend07

    NJTV did a follow up tonight on the ” boy” comment and the Governor was caught running away from Reporter Michael Aron as he was asking for a comment.  

  19. firstamend07

    Check out the time frame between 4:15 -4:55 of the broadcast.

    Ever see Christie move so quick??

  20. Erik Preuss

    But the video is cut off after he says “I hear you boy.” It’s hard to say that is a racial slur when we don’t even know what he said after that. I think this is video is grasping for straws implying Christie is a racist. He may well be a racist, but this video doesn’t show anything, especially with the editing job that cuts the film right after “boy.” I can’t stand Christie, but it isn’t as if he said “Shut up boy!” or something along those lines.  

  21. firstamend07

    The Governor was and will be called out on his ignorance.

    His ignorance IS a part of this campaign. If you want an ignorant man to be in the top office in NJ then vote for Governor Ignorant.

    Whether hisignorance is pointed out on this site or by reporters is not important. BUT IT MUST BE POINTED OUT!  


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