Anti-social Media

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Many members of Congress (and other politicians) engage in some or numerous forms of social media – some are more prolific than others and some in more forms (twitter, facebook, etc.) than others.  Some engage their followers with comments or replies to tweets.


And some, like NJ’s Rep. Scott Garrett, use it to broadcast relatively meaningless quotes, veiled insults at Democrats and President Obama (some not even being accurate on basic facts) and other false choices or equivalencies.  His page on Facebook has been around for a while but not one (as far as I have ever seen) comment to a post and no engagement with the roughly 3,200 people who “like” his page (both fans and haters).


His Twitter account, started way back in late November 2012, is similar.  Retweets of the Heritage Foundation or Politico or Republican Party talking points, many of which are thinly veiled swipes at someone or repeated on his Facebook feed.


If this is outreach, his followers and constituents should be outraged.  This is not joining the 21st century – this is not engagement and this is not listening.  Hell, it is about as little social interaction and still saying that you are using social media.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – nor should anyone who he “represents”.  This is exactly how he has dealt with his constituents for close to a decade now.

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  1. JackHarris

    That’s the dividing line in 21st century strategic communications and a good marker for understanding how transparent and collaborative an individual or organization is.  

  2. scarletbgonias

    After his three NO votes on the VAWA, every post asking him to defend his position, every post linking to his votes, was deleted.


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