A Couple Pics from Joe Gutenkauf’s Memorial

Maureen, Kendy and I planned to go to the memorial for Joe Gutenkauf yesterday, but a lack of immunization intervened.  Someone decided not to get their baby immunized, and the kid got the measles.  Will a full breakout the baby was brought to Somerset Medical Center to infect everyone there, then someone who got infected there went to Maureen’s office.

So they tested Maureen and she has no demonstrable immunity.  On Sunday morning we got a call from the Somerset County Public Health folks telling us we were quarantined in our home! We couldn’t go shopping, play softball, or say goodbye to a wonderful man and good friend.

All because someone didn’t bother to immunize their kid.  Get the shots, folks. It’s not just about you and your kids, but about everyone they might infect.

Anyway, after the memorial already started we got a call that Kendy and I could leave, so I took her to softball and headed off to the memorial. Maureen stayed home, and is still home in quarantine.

Here’s a couple pics for everyone of Dottie Gutenkauf and the Solidarity Singers.

Dottie telling about how she learned Joe was a “jailbird”

The Solidarity Singers

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  1. vmars

    Lower right in the Solidarity Singers pic?

  2. Stephen Yellin

    As were Joey Novick and Jeff Gardner. I came in towards the end, as Jeff and I went from there to his campaign kickoff for Hawthorne Council-At-Large. It was a beautiful service, with a rainbow of attendees including Assembly members Linda Stender and Jerry Green.

    Far more important, from my point of view, was seeing so many people who Joe had touched at some point in his life. I never knew him, but he seems to have been a remarkable man with an even more remarkable life!

    Sorry I missed you Nathan – would have loved to say hi!  

  3. Jeff Gardner

    It was a warm gathering of good friends of which I’m sure Joe would have been proud, and an honor to be there.

  4. carolh

    the event, but you need a little bit more education about vaccination. The child you are blaming may actually have been immunized but caught the disease anyway.  It does happen.

  5. Jeff Gardner

    This diary began with reference to vaccines, and now the comment thread has turned exclusively about vaccines. And, I”m thinking maybe further discussion of vaccines could be moved to a separate diary, or other conversation online or off, rather than this one.

    I’m sure many would like to read remembrances of a great man here, and have that separate debate elsewhere.

  6. Rosi Efthim

    was able to come to Joe’s memorial after all yesterday – Nathan, Jeff and I were all there – and glad the Board of Health was able to clear Nathan and Kendy (sorry, Maureen, hope your time stuck at home goes easy). I’m going to have to let you disagree with people on vaccinations somewhere else, carolh. I’m closing comments on this post.

    I’d hate for the last taste in anyone’s mouth from Blue Jersey about Joe to be this argument. Shutting it down.  


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