Zuckerberg and Christie May Seem Perfect Together, But …

This post by Bill had only been up top for a few minutes when I posted updated news about Sen. Buono’s car accident, so I’m promoting it back up, with my apologies to Bill – Rosi

Both Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Governor Christie are extremely popular, frequently talked about and even held in awe by some. They have a lot in common. They share a similar philosophy on education which culminated in a $100 million secretive grant to Newark and a love fest TV moment with Oprah Winfrey and Mayor Corey Booker. They exude confidence and exert significant power. They both know many wealthy people and are wealthy themselves, although Zuckerberg’s assets are in the stratosphere while Christie’s income only barely puts him in the top 1%.

Both Christie and Zuckerberg also share a darker side as some members of the public view their practices with suspicion and financial analyts are skeptical about what they say and do.

Facebook has had its share of issues involving privacy and security of personal information. Last month the ACLU warned us that a new Facebook search capability means its time for us to review our privacy settings (again!) This new tool to find content and data on Facebook could wind up making information about you far easier for anyone to find. Both disclosed and undisclosed features of Facebook can be injurious to us. Much the same might be said about disclosed and undisclosed activities of our governor. Whether it’s AshBritt, halfway houses, or budget machinations there are reasons to be suspicious.

Just as rating agencies have questioned Christie’s budget projections and expressed concern over NJ ‘s indebtedness, other Wall Street analysts have been skeptical about Facebook. It’s stock price has ranged from $45.00, during its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2012 to as low as $17.55. Earningsforecast.com points out the company’s IPO investors are experiencing about 26% loss since last May, compared with 11% gain for the Nasdaq Composite Index. On Wednesday Investors/Observer issued a critical alert on Facebook. Progressives and others have issued their own critical alert on the governor who may in time lose 26% of his popularity.

They might seem to be perfect together and even best buddies. However, at Facebook there is a positive pro-LGBT approach whereas in our Executive branch there is not. Hopefully as a result of this Garden State Equality petition effort Zuckerberg will soon unfriend Chris Christie and reaffirm his support for all LGBT families and for marriage equality in the state of New Jersey. And just maybe some of that reaffirmation will rub off on our governor.  

The purpose of this diary is not to forecast the future change in Christie’s popularity level nor Facebook’s stock price. Nor is it to explain Zuckerberg’s position on marriage equality nor what Christie might say about the matter in the future. Nonetheless, while Christie and Zuckerberg seem perfect together, it’s time for all of us to join the effort to convince Zuckerberg to unfriend Christie. Friends don’t let friends veto equality.

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