With Friends Like This…

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I am a proponent of marriage equality, and especially applaud those on the right who buck their party’s dogma and support full equality. One such person who comes to mind is Ted Olson, the attorney who arguably put George W Bush in the White House. If Chris Christie ever “evolves” and allows his GOP legislators to vote their conscience on this issue, I would applaud him, too.

But something disturbed me when I saw a full page ad in the New York Times where one of the supporters of marriage equality was former Vice President Dick Cheney. One of Cheney’s daughters is gay, and he’s given at least passive support to marriage equality. But Cheney is evil incarnate – sending thousands of American men and women to their deaths in an illegal and unnecessary war. Who needs “friends” like this?

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  1. Steven

    Hi, A.V., I’m Steven Goldstein.  I founded Garden State Equality in July 2004 and ran it until January 2013, when I took a new job.  Writing in my individual capacity, I would respectfully tell you this:  Politics involves working in evolving coalitions issue by issue.  For instance, to enact pro-transgender equality and anti-school bullying laws in New Jersey, we worked with legislators who opposed marriage equality.  By the way, in working with them on the other issues, we developed closer relationships with them and won over several along the way.  It doesn’t mean you have to give up your values by not fighting your adversaries on other issues just because they agree with you on one.  If they want to be your friends on one issue, embrace them on that one issue but don’t give up fighting them on others.


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