Will we see you Saturday?

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“There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” ― Lao Tzu

People have been counting out Senator Barbara Buono for years – throughout those years, we here at Blue Jersey have heard them all –  “she is too independent”, “she works outside of political machines”, “shes not controllable”, “shes a progressive” etc. etc. etc. These are all the reasons why so many of us love her and know that she will be a great Governor and a great standard-bearer for our party.

I’ve known Senator Buono for a long time – having held fundraisers and events for her throughout the years. I remember back in 2010, when she was the Senate Majority Leader, I was hosting a fundraising reception for her in Spring Lake where i vividly remember Monmouth Democrats running up to her, pleading with her to to run for Governor. She was an early backer of my candidacy for County Chairman – helping me discover how to run a grassroots campaign – teaching me the importance of knocking on every door twice, being loyal to those who share my beliefs and to never waver from my platform and principles – even when politically unpopular.

The one word that describes Barbara Buono is authentic. She is the most genuine person you can find – she is not transactional and she represents everything that is good with politics. It wasn’t long ago where the Senator was at odds with her party – The story of her life is overcoming obstacles, personally and politically and uniting with all after that. It is what she does best – fighting to make her party and her state the best they can be.  

Whether it is working to protect our environment, fighting for marriage equality, standing up for our brothers and sisters in labor or battling to increase the minimum wage, she always stands for what is right and what she believes in – even if she has to battle her own party to make it better.

The Senator can only win this race if every Democrat in this state gives it their all – and it starts with this Saturday.

The Buono for Governor Campaign will have some high profile dignitaries this Saturday – Democratic Leaders who are committed to making sure Barbara Buono is the next Governor – such as Senate President Sweeney and State Chairman John Wisniewski. They will join hundreds of united Democrats on Saturday who are also committed 100% to making Barbara Buono the next Governor of New Jersey

We need every Democrat to join them this Saturday to take back our state and I am hoping you can join us as we formally kickoff the process to take back out state from the far right wing interest groups. We need your energy, your grassroots financial support, your volunteer hours and your help and it starts on Saturday.

The Senator’s Kickoff is:

Saturday, February 2 at 12:00 PM

New Brunswick High School

1000 Somerset Street

New Brunswick, NJ

RSVP Here: http://www.buonoforgovernor.co…

Hope to see you then

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  1. deciminyan

    …and I’ve invited several friends. So take Vin’s advice and head to New Brunswick, and bring many friends with you. We need a change in the front office, and Barbara Buono is the person who can accomplish that. But she can’t do it without our help.

  2. Babs NJSD

    and It’s time to send a reminder e-mail blast to all…

  3. Jeff Gardner

    I’ll definitely be there tomorrow, and every day til November. 🙂


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