Who is the Democratic fool who said this about Barbara Buono?

Who’s the jerkoff “top Democrat” in the NJ Democratic Party who gave this quote to The Daily Beast?

“She kicked the governor in the crotch at every opportunity, and that is how she became known, but she is also the default candidate,” said one top Democrat. “It was 2 a.m. and the bar was closing, and Barbara was looking pretty good, frankly.”

Hey, “top Democrat,” whoever the hell you are: Anybody who talks like that about Sen. Buono or any woman in elected office in New Jersey had better not meet me in a dark alley.  

Great work. Outstanding. We’ve got a governor who routinely insults women legislators, defunded healthcare for women in need, and is protecting Jersey’s wealthiest at the expense of the kind of struggling family most single mothers I know are leading.

To have a shot at unseating the showboat that is the current governor, this Party will have to call Chris Christie out on his record with the majority sex in this state. Thanks for playing, genius.  

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    Quite apart from being offensive or ill-advised – which this quote obviously is – it’s also not at all the experience of so many of us who thought Senator Buono was a great candidate from day one.

  2. carolh

    there are still throw backs in our own ranks.  Guys who obviously did not witness the trouncing of Mitt Romney due to the gender gap.  Thankfully guys like this are dying out and young women are running for office.  Buono has a lot of support.  Leave it to a guy who was probably all alone in the bar every night because he was a neanderthal and couldn’t figure out why, to come up with that analogy.  

  3. deciminyan

    I have had the good fortune to interview Senator Buono a few times before the start of the election season, and when it became clear that she was running for governor, I was thrilled. She’s the candidate for governor not because “the bar was closing”, but because she has the guts to stand up for the Democratic (and democratic) principles that represent the leanings of a majority of New Jerseyans. While some of the other former contenders would have been better than the incumbent, Barbara Buono brings the best of the insider and maverick to the race. And although she can be tough and spar with the best of them, she’s a genuinely nice person.

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Joe D, Stack, Sweeney, maybe Lesniak.  

  5. danpreston

    will be to work like hell to make sure Buono is our next governor!

  6. Jersey Jazzman

    I belong to a party that puts the guy who said this at the “top.”

    When will we learn?

  7. ken bank

    OK, so I’m a neanderthal who used to stay at bars until closing looking for Ms. “Right”. Anyway, I don’t find it at all offensive, although I understand why some would be offended at the analogy. In fact I view it as a compliment to the Senator for her feistiness in standing up to His Arrogance when every other Democratic leader was either embracing, compromising with him, or running away. Like Alice Kramden taking down Ralph Kramden she stood up to the “Great One” and told him where to get off (I hope the “Honeymooners” analogy is politiclly correct, I don’t want to offend anybody but His Arrogance always reminds me of Jackie Gleason).

    As to her being the default candidate, let’s be honest before Cory Booker dropped out practically everybody was begging and/or expecting Cory Booker to get into the race. They were cheering for him like teenage girls screaming at Justin Bieber. I recall even Senator Weinberg, as progressive as anyone can get, posted a diary on this website calling on Booker to get into the race, which rather surprised me since I thought she would stay neutral in deference to Senator Buono until everybody else made their decision. Then when Booker dropped out it was ABB time (Anybody But Buono) with names like Sweeney, Codey and even Pascrell being tossed around. Ironically it was George Norcross, and even Joe D., who started talking like maybe Senator Buono wasn’t so bad looking (as a candidate) and that maybe the other potential candidates should either fish or cut bait (there’s another analogy but it’s rather crude so I won’t use it, I’ll just leave it to everybody’s imaginatiion).

    I got the impression that this “top Democrat”, like most other Democrats, initially wanted someone other than Barbara Buono, but now that he’s taking a closer look realizes that she may be a better candidate than everybody thought.

  8. ken bank

    OK, I’m not 100%, but read this article from PolitickerNJ and you may come to the same conclusion I did.

    Basically he was saying Barbara Buono was the only candidate out there willing to take on His Arrogance, the bar was closing (in effect) and it was time for Democrats to rally around her candidacy.

  9. Babs NJSD

    If, in fact, anyone really said this they are jerks! OK… Let’s move on and elect Barbara!

    Less talk, more action! Let’s go to work!

  10. denniscmcgrath

    Sheila Oliver, for one …


    I find that intriguing.

  11. rubybegone

    He’s already looking for a alternative to Buono ….

  12. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I just killed a comment by D36Dem, who posted a comment here calling a female member of Senator Buono’s campaign staff an insulting word beginning with a “c” – the word that describes female genitalia.

    Do that again, D36Dem, and you’re banned.

    D36Dem also claimed s/he was a Democratic county committee member who is voting for Christie. While I strongly doubt D36Dem (who signed up for an account a couple minutes before posting that comment) is anything but a GOP concern troll, I think the point made by Monmouth Chair Vin Gopal to that person is correct: If you’re actually a county committee member, you should resign. If you don’t, and your Dem county chair knows who you are, he or she should seek to replace you.  

  13. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Or that what this election requires is a refreshing antidote for the swaggering loudmouth media creation that Christie is. And an assertive woman legislature who has stirred the waters in her own Party, defended average NJ families and speaks in a normal decibel range is precisely the right person to provide counterpoint and alternative to Christie.  

  14. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I have no evidence that it is any of those four individuals.

  15. firstamend07

    To assume that any of those people you listed said that statement ,without evidence, is simply stupid.

  16. ken bank

    Do you have any evidence to prove a man made this statement? The diary doesn’t make any reference to the “top Democrat” being a man or woman. IMHO it seems rather sexist and prejudicial to assume it was a man. Do you know for a fact it was a man, or are you prejudging based on your own personal outlook. “Top Democrat” could mean alot of people both male and female, and I can mention the names of at least a few women who most people would consider to be “top Democrats”.

    Finally, what’s this part about meeting this person in a “dark alley”? What do you plan to do if you meet them, beat them up? Shoot them? That’s usually what happens when people meet in dark alleys. I’ve been involved in politics a long time, but I’ve never read anybody make that kind of statement, whether it involves a political disagreement or even a personal disagreement. I know if someone made that kind of statement to me or to anyone in my family, and nobody ever has, I would be very tempted to report it to the police.

  17. mmgth

    The Daily Beast quoting a self described “top Democrat” is nothing to get depressed about. Just checked the headline over there. “Why The GOP Need To Go Gay”.  

  18. mmgth

    There is a Christie lovefest going on over at Daily Beast.  

  19. denniscmcgrath
  20. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Not sure whether the first paragraph is a snark, but the second paragraph appears to have come from outer space.

  21. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    ken bank, your comment confuses me.

    You don’t recognize that “dark alley” is figurative?  

  22. ken bank

    I’ll bet that’s what Ted Nugent told the Secret Service when they paid him a visit. Let’s put it this way. If Ted Nugent announced on his website that President Obama had better not meet him in a dark alley, how long before his house is surrounded, the street is blocked off, SWAT teams are called in, and more than a hundred agents are banging on his door? To put it closer to home, if one of your users posted a comment that Chris Christie had better not meet him in a dark alley, I can’t imagine you would be very happy about it. While I wouldn’t expect you to run to the phone and call the State Police, I do assume you would delete the comment and even consider banning the user.

    You can’t be too careful about what you post, even on your own website. Keep in mind that progressives are not the only ones who visit Blue Jersey. And what you may consider innocuous, figuratively or literally, others may find offensive, even threatening. I’ve seen people posting similar comments on Facebook and other websites, even in a figurative sense, but they still get in trouble sooner or later.

    Anyway I’ve given my opinion so it’s time to move on. The last thing Barbara Buono needs is a fractured party with progressives, Christiecrats, and county bosses at each others throats. Sometimes, in a situation like this, it’s best to turn the other cheek and move on. That’s probably what Barbara Buono is doing.

  23. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    The comparison is ridiculous.  

  24. mmgth

    The Ted Nugent~ Blue Jersey’s Editorial Director comment cracks me up.  

  25. Erik Preuss

    While it isn’t the best idea for any politician to make a statement like this, I don’t find the comment in and of itself offensive either. It’s an analogy, a rude one perhaps, but an analogy none the less. While a better analogy could have been given, we all know that the basic idea behind this analogy (that Buono is only the establishment pick because all of the preferred candidates chose not to run) is true. I also don’t think this comment is sexist at all, this “top democrat” doesn’t insult or discriminate against Buono for being a woman. Had Buono been a man and this same comment had been made we would all be sitting here nodding rather than getting worked up.    

  26. carolh

    You are a boy, and you don’t have to deal with the garbage we have to put up with our entire lives. We still don’t get equal pay for equal work, and what they said was completely and totally sexist and offensive to those of us with two X chromosomes. Ask your mom what she thinks….

  27. ken bank

    And your comment about meeting people in”dark alleys” is inappropriate.

  28. William Weber (WjcW)

    as taking the governor to task for asking reporters to ‘take their bat out’ on someone?

    What’s the diifference?

    Or are they both figures of speech?

  29. Erik Preuss

    And you’re right, I can’t really relate to it at all. To me it seems insensitive and moronic but not overtly sexist.

    I did ask my mother about it, as you can imagine she was less than thrilled about the quote and about my opinion of it.

  30. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Prove that.  

  31. vingopal

    proudly supporting Barbara Buono 100% – love the rumor mill though

  32. mmgth

    One figure of speech is made on a blog site objecting to an alleged comment denegrating a Democratic candidate.

    The other figure of speech is made by the Governor of N.J. in public to reporters casually suggesting (abeit jokingly, ha, ha) that they take a bat out on an elderly Senator.  

  33. rubybegone

    Mr Gopal was worried about Buono ,especially after the endorsement of SB mayor Long’s of CC ….perhaps I ‘m a bit hasty in my conclusion .I’ll wait to see how it plays out  

  34. vingopal

    if you are on the county committee and not supporting your party’s slate.  

  35. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I have no evidence that it’s George Norcross.

  36. Rosi Efthim (Post author)
  37. D36Dem

    1) I didn’t use that word in my post, I used the expression “c-word”.

    2) I am a bona fide member of the DCBC, and will be voting at our convention March 5.

    3) I will not be resigning anytime soon.

    4) We are stuck with BB because she was the only one at the bar at 2 am.

  38. Babs NJSD

    County chairs to openly and assertively support Barbara Buono!


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