Who is Chris Christie’s Valentine?

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If you want to judge by the people he’s helped, you’d have to say big banks, shopping mall developers, casino moguls, and insurance companies.. He loves them all and he knows how to show it. In total he’s given over $2 billion to businesses in the name of job growth.

It would be one thing if these sorts of corporate bailouts actually worked. But just like money can’t buy you love, Christie’s subsidies are pretty bad at buying jobs.  

New Jersey has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the nation and we’re lagging behind our neighbors. Pennsylvania has already restored 75 percent of the jobs it lost after the 2007 crash. New Jersey has only restored 35 percent.

That’s why we partnered with friends at New Jersey Communities United and Citizen Action for a “Who Does Christie Love?” protest at Citibank in Newark on Valentine’s Day. We chose Citi because their grant shows everything that’s wrong with these programs. Christie gave $12 million to Citigroup to move workers from New York to New Jersey. Then the bank turned right back around and aid off 276 New Jerseyans in Bergen County.Payoffs for layoffs.

The worst part is that Christie has paid for these sorts of sweetheart deals by cutting funding for all the things we need for a strong economy like good schools, mass transit and public safety. He’s slashed the after-school care that lets people hold full time jobs and the scholarships that let young New Jerseyans go out and achieve their dreams.

We’ve tried it Christie’s way for the last three years and it hasn’t worked. It’s time for a change.

New Jersey needs a real jobs program that focuses on repairing our roads and bridges, putting teachers in the classroom, cops back on the street and making sure every student has the chance to earn a college degree. We need to raise the minimum wage and end the Christie tax hike on the poor so that hard-working families have the money to spend on goods and services that will actually create jobs.

In two weeks Governor Christie will release his fourth budget.  We expect more tax cuts for big corporations and more cuts to vital investments. We’ll spend the next four months fighting that budget and working for a jobs program that actually delivers jobs. But we need your help to do it.

If you want to join in that fight, shoot us an email at wfa@njworkingfamilies.org. Or you can share photo on Facebook to spread the word.

Rob Duffey is Policy and Communications Coordinator of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance.

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