Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 23-24, 2013

Fun with license plates.

Christie in D.C..

Uh … uh oh

More Christie transparency

  • NJ’s Treasury Department has written off tens of millions of dollars in debts from companies and individuals that owe the state money, and is refusing to provide records of the disappearing debts to the public.

    This Week’s Education Round-Up

  • Jersey Jazzman deconstructs a complex week of what’s going on in schools.


  • 5 big budget questions ahead of Christie’s speech.

  • Wall Street warns Christie to avoid election-year budget moves.


  • Shumlin and O’Malley take on Christie’s economic record, tout Buono candidacy.

  • 2016 preview? O’Malley takes shots at Christie.

  • ThinkProgress: 9 ways Christie isn’t Cuomo.

  • Making nice with Dems for re-election.

    Indicted GOP N.J. Assemblyman Schroeder banned from doing business with federal government

  • That’s for failing to pay subcontractors and deliver on tents ordered for soldiers in Afghanistan.

    “Most miserable in America” & “Wealthiest in America”

  • Which 2 NJ hometowns made the “miserable” list?

  • And which 5 counties are among America’s richest?


  • Thefts force Trenton library to ration toilet paper.

  • Star-Ledger: Climate change costs beginning to hit.

  • Construction drops $200M post-Sandy, recovery might take a year

  • Sequester’s military cuts could force NJ defense contractors to slash jobs.

    NJ Health

  • Gordon MacInnes: To put the interests of NJ first, Gov. Christie needs to expand Medicaid.

  • Valerie Huttle: NJ developmental centers should stay open.


  • Examining the #NJAssembly gun safety vote.

    Frank Lautenberg’s To-Do List

  • The Senator isn’t running for re-election, but he’s not retiring, either.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Mantoloking: The last town to let people come home.

  • Sandy’s other victims: Stately white cedars.

    Marriage Equality

  • Going for override.


  • Is Gabby Giffords coming? more AshBritt and more from The Auditor.
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