Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 2-3, 2013

Yesterday the Governor saw his shadow, so we’re going to have six more weeks of yelling at public employees.

And Math lessons from #HackJersey

Barbara Buono buttonAnd she’s off – Sen. Buono kicks off her campaign against Chris Christie

  • Video.

  • Photos.

  • Moran: Meet Sen. Barbara Buono, the only Democrat willing to fight Christie.

  • “Anything can happen”.

  • At the rally, supporters tell reporters why she’s an appealing candidate.


  • Menendez, Dr. Melgen and the port security contract in the Dominican Republic.

  • Weighing the risks ahead for Menendez.

  • Allegations tarnish a shining moment.

  • Why did the anonymous “tipster” who has avoided talking to FBI in person or by phone for 8 months go by the name “Peter Williams”? (Auditor)

    Catholics, how do you put up with this crap?

  • Priest who admitted groping boy appointed to high-profile position in Newark Archdiocese.

    What happened to Gov. Christie’s Twitter chatter?

  • Matt Katz: Who’s ghosting Christie’s ghost Twitter?

  • John Reitmeyer notices that front office tells the press Christie is taking actions on certain days he couldn’t be taking action, because he’s not even in the state.

    Jon Runyan held a “gun summit” in Mt. Holly, invitation only

  • Invited: a gun shop owner, and people from law enforcement, education & mental health. No traditional gun advocacy groups. The head of the “Stop Drop Your Gun” group was brought in as a “counter-balance” to the other 25 attendees. And after two hours, Runyan, a big supporter of NRA, still undecided whether to support any gun control measures.

    “Everyone believes this is wrong and, instead of just taking it, we are willing to fight it at all costs.”

  • Camden officers struggle with their jobs, their feelings on new county force.

    Stile: Sarlo may have a primary opponent

  • Bernadette McPherson, former Democratic freeholder & Rutherford mayor.

    The Tyler Clementi Center at Rutgers

  • “There are other Tylers out there …” Clementi’s parents join the university to help students transition from home to college.


  • Perth Amboy Circus Update.

  • Lawsuit alleging misappropriation of funds is another blow to Camden’s LEAP Academy.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Hurricane Sandy death toll quietly rising.

  • Lessons from Hurricane Katrina.

    Florida cleanup firm’s political ties sweep across NJ

  • List of NJ political players paid by AshBritt is on both sides of the aisle.
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    1. carolh

      in Environment and Energy Committee. I suggest folks PLEASE check out my diary on this BEFORE the commitee vote. Also check out the website for other issues and bills.  There is even one in the hopper on blessing the Keystone Pipeline.  http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/b… If you care about preventing more Sandys, and REALLY tackling Climate change there is stuff happening right now that needs our attention ASAP.

    2. carolh

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