Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 16-17, 2013

Steampunk under water. The real stuff. Very cool.

Facebook was hacked. Lovely.

Anybody remember fallout shelters?

Firm hired to monitor Sandy cleanup is ex-boss of controversial Florida contractor

  • A company hired by the state to help safeguard taxpayers from fraud and overcharges from Hurricane Sandy debris removal in NJ towns once was employed by the same company it is now paid to keep an eye on, Star-Ledger has learned.

    Black History Month

  • The late Rep. Donald Payne is profiled.


  • Can’t Deny the Truth About Segregating Charters Anymore.

  • WaPo: How charter schools choose desirable students.

  • Mother Crusader: Paterson Collegiate Charter School Approved. What Now?

    Senator Frank Lautenberg

  • Watch Lautenberg’s announcement.

  • Inquirer: Lautenberg’s decision is best for NJ.

  • Schoonejongen: Paterson fitting venue for Lautenberg swan song.


  • Will Pallone take on Booker?

  • Lautenberg declines to suggest his successor.

  • Patrick Kennedy? Seriously?


  • Christie to Boston for fundraiser, hosted by another denizen of the Bush White House, and attended by the man whose clock Elizabeth Warren just cleaned.

  • Maybe Sofia Vergara just wanted to see what all the damn fuss is about.

  • Christie avoided “WaterBoy” Marco Rubio’s rebuttal trap door. (Ingle)


  • FBI Finds No Evidence To Support Menendez Allegations.

  • Moran: The Menendez scandal, broken down.

  • Port deal tied to Menendez under scrutiny.

    NJ would become just the 4th state with this policy

  • NJ Health Dept. considers hospital rules to encourage breastfeeding.


  • NJ won’t run its own health insurance exchange.

  • The Record: Streetcar named Absurd – NJ Transit at the Super Bowl.


  • Herald News: Seeking common sense gun laws.

    The Auditor

  • Buono and the spam bots, Joe D’s GOP buddy, and more.
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