#UnfriendChristie goes to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook & his house

With still a couple of hours till Chris Christie strides into Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto, California manse, we hear from our #UnfriendChristie partners on the ground that protesters are already gathering, ready to greet the right coast governor with a hearty left coast jeer. A polite one, as the San Francisco Chronicle points out.

Tonight at 5:30pm PST, Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are hosting their first-ever at-home political fundraiser, for Christie. Local police are planning for valet parking. So it looks like all the guests will have to get out of their cars in front of the protesters and walk into the house, unless logistics change. Fun.

Meanwhile, we’re taking to the Wonderkind’s own Facebook, to message Zuck. Join us. Change your profile pic and/or cover pic to one of the ones below or snap a shot of yourself with your own (um, polite) message to Zuck. Marriage equality? Women’s health funding? Whatever steams you.  And please post them here, too!

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