This Shows How Bad the NJ GOP Senate Bench Is

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Bob Menendez has had a rough month or so, and it shows in his poll numbers, with disaprovals at a negative five, 41-36.  But what’s truly amazing is who Quinnipiac University polled as the GOP’s 2014 Senate standard-bearer and how it’s being reported.

Here’s Bob Ingle:

In a look at a potential 2014 Senate race, Newark Mayor Cory Booker leads TV personality Geraldo Rivera 59-23 percent. Booker gets a 59-11 favorability rating. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who is retiring, gets a 48-32 job approval rating.

Either the only GOP person they polled was fricking Geraldo Rivera, or the only person the media — this is true in the other three reports I saw — bothers to write about is the guy who opened an empty vault on national TV.

They’ve got nothing, folks. Chris Christie is the Republican Party in New Jersey, and the reason he has no coat-tails is there’s no one to stand on them.

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