There’s a New Sign in Trenton

No, despite the Governor’s assertion of bipartisanship, that’s not what the new sign is. Rather, it’s a billboard just outside of the Department of Environmental Protection featuring images of two of the state’s prominent environmental legislators, Senator Bob Smith and Assemblyman John F. McKeon. It’s sponsored by the New Jersey Highlands Coalition and the Pinelands Preservation Alliance through an organization

While Governor Christie has kowtowed to his anti-environmental benefactors and the anti-science right wing of his party, legislators like Smith and McKeon have been undeterred and continue to work on bills to preserve our land, air, and water for the next generations.

I spoke with Smith and McKeon about the environment this afternoon as they unveiled the new billboard.

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    ….is a good progressive on most stuff, but he and his enviro panel sure do pass a lot of legislation that make the hunting lobby and the NRA happy. but that won’t fit into the narrative being pushed here so I’m not surprised that not only is he given a pass, but he’s given praise.  

  2. carolh

    some Ohio frackers got their license revoked for dumping fracking waste down a storm drain.  As a storm drainage engineer, I don’t think I need to tell you all just how many storm drains we have here in NJ, where the Governor is afraid to ban fracking waste because of the interstate commerce clause.  More fracking just over the border, means more guys looking for  places to dump it. Just sayin”


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