The Wall Street Journal: Ex-Obama Aide Makes Bid in N.J.

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That is the title for today’s story in The Wall Street Journal profiling our campaign. I’m honored by the kind words from Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie, and agree with his assessment of our opponent: she has not been “active” enough for the residents of the 34th District. We need a State Senator who will be on the ground in our communities delivering real results. I can be that fighter both at home and in Trenton.

The time for change is now.

Our campaign is gaining momentum every day. One door at a time. One voter at a time. One family at time. Brick by brick, we are putting together an operation that is going to be successful on Election Day. Just like President Obama did in his presidential campaign, I am building a grassroots organization that can take on any political machine in New Jersey.

Here are some action items you can do right now to help our cause:

Join our team today and let’s send a message that we need Democrats in the State Senate fighting for working class families, not check cashing companies and special interest groups. Senator Gill’s transactional approach to politics needs to be retired. And on June 4th we can do just that.

I know together we can win this campaign.

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    One definition I cam across for “transactional politics” came from an article by Patricia Sto Thomas entitled “Transaction Politicans In The Public Sector” and here goes……”Use of official power or authority for undeserved gain”.  I do not believe that a Senator who stands strong for the underserved, for women’s right to choose, for marriage equality, for a balanced Supreme Court, for access to health care for all (just to name a few) has a “transactional approach to politics”.    


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