The Record RIFs Jimmy Margulies

Awful, awful news. – Rosi

Jimmy Margulies, the excellent editorial cartoonist for The Record and a true Jersey treasure has lost his job.

After almost 22 and 1/2 years at The Record in northern New Jersey, I became the latest editorial cartoonist to lose a full time staff job at a daily newspaper. Despite having won a few national awards,  syndication and frequent appearances in some high profile places like USA Today, as well as being a popular local speaker and using social media to become one of the most popular features on the paper’s web site, it was not enough to save me from the paper’s decision to trim expenses.

That really bums me out.  Here’s some of his recent Jersey cartoons, and you can see the whole lot of them here:

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  1. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    ….for those of us who love politics, government, a little satire and The Record! Mr. Margulies is such a talented artist with an eye to how to capture some of the absurdity of our NJ politics.  I have a couple of “originals” in my office which I purchased from the artist. Mr. Magulies, I wish you good health, long life and many more cartoons to make us smile, and to make us think!

  2. Hetty Rosenstein

    This is completely disgusting.  It proves once again that merit has nothing to do with anything in this corporate greed society.  


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