Mark Zuckerberg’s guests wade through a line of protesters to get to Chris Christie fundraiser

One, Two, Three, Four

This is not the Jersey Shore

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Zuck send Chris back to his own State

Condoleezza Rice was among the swells who showed up tonight at Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto house to glad hand the media showboat from New Jersey, Chris Christie. Another beneficiary of the Bush White House.

Inside chez Zuckerberg, on a tree-lined, sleepy residential street in the cushy heart of Silicon Valley, visitors plunked down the max of $3,800 to pump the already-pumped governor towards a second term here on the right coast. But before they got to the door, they had to make their way through at least 50 local protesters not nearly as happy to see Christie in the neighborhood. Valet parking at the house meant that everybody but Christie (who ducked in early, to avoid unfriendly faces) had to get out of their cars at the street level and walk through the line of protesters.

When I say Christie, you say “Go home”

When I say Mark, you say “Wake Up”

When I say Facebook, you say “Fail”

The street was packed with satellite and press trucks, caterers, cops and security (for very respectful protesters).

Hey, Facebook, Shame on You

Christie hurts women, now you do, too.

Sam Briggs of Credo Action, organized the street-level welcome along with area Democracy for America (DFA) leaders and other groups. He reports a very lively outdoor presence throughout the event inside, with particularly lively chanting pitched toward both the 5pm and 6pm local newscasts. They held signs – addressed to zuck + Chris – calling attention to Christie’s efforts to strip state funding from Planned Parenthood and health care for women. Briggs:

Activists were inspired and fired up by Christie coming into our hometown and pushing his brand of so called moderate extremism.  Group was demographically diverse from moms with kids to the raging grannies, nurses, and everyone in between.

One, Two, Three, Four

Zuck show Christie out the door

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Facebook supports Jersey Hate

Pictures, as soon as we get them. All week, Blue Jersey has helped drive Project #UnfriendChristie, directed at Zuckerberg, with partners in NJ & California including Democracy for America, Credo Action, Garden State Equality, CWA, NJ Working Families Alliance, and others. Monday Twitter Bomb, Tuesday night 3 petitions for Zuckerberg, tonight and Valentines Day we’re encouraging people to use Zuck’s own Facebook to reach him, swapping out profile pics to ones messaging him.

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  1. proud2Bliberal

    I think it’s important to have a national action here.  Move-on, Bold Progressives, etc. are able to reach large e-mail lists.  One possibility is for everyone who has a Facebook account to “Like” Buono’s campaign.  Another is for Democrats to move off of Facebook altogether to another social media site that doesn’t support Republicans.  


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