TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 1, 2013

Christie’s “Jersey Comeback:” Housing marketing improving in most of country, but getting worse in NJ

  • And yet Christie vetoes 2 bills to help homeowners in this state plagued by foreclosures.


  • Weinberg: Menendez Domincan scandal a “distraction”.

  • Menendez flees media horde.

  • Menendez Says He Reimbursed Donor for 2 Jaunts to Dominican Republic.

  • Leader of watchdog group CREW says Menendez violated ethics rules.

  • Lautenberg calls Menendez predicament ‘too bad’.

  • Watchdog group had doubts about Menendez prostitution claims.

  • On the Chamber train Menendez story undercuts gubernatorial contest.

    Newark’s Ron C. Rice  busted for calling while driving, failing to register his car

  • The West Ward councilman was stopped late last year for using his cell phone while driving, and a check showed the vehicle was unregistered, and Rice’s license suspended.

    Star-Ledger backs Union County blogger Tina Renna, says she shouldn’t be forced to reveal sources

  • Renna, who blogs at, says she has info that 16 county employees who wrongly used public generators after Hurricane Sandy. She’s been subpoenaed by a judge to reveal the names, and she’s arguing that revealing the names may reveal her source. She’s arguing journalists’ shield laws should also protect her.

    Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera testing the waters for NJ Senate 2014

  • Not even his 30,000 Twitter followers were boffo on the idea.

  • Last time Geraldo was in the news he said something pretty stupid.


  • At Super Bowl this weekend.

  • On Letterman Monday.

  • Star-Ledger: The poor pay higher tax rates & Christie’s made the problem worse.

    Chamber trip

  • Christie vs. Buono race gains steam with train ride to D.C..

  • Christie: ‘Fun’ Oval Office chat with Obama.

  • Christie chamber keynote: Still loves President Obama.

  • Sweeney says his bad history with Buono is behind them, has offered her a SJ funder.
  • Comments (2)

    1. brendanod

      It seems odd to me that Irvington PD would be out enforcing talking on cell phone statutes.  My experience tells me that most communities that have a lot of violent crime typically do not have time to proactively enforce motor vehicle or municipal ordinance violations unless it is part of some type of task force who uses those type of violations to investigate & deter more serious crimes.

    2. brendanod

      On a practical level, to me, Menendez seems to smart to get wrapped up in a prostitution scandal. He successfully navigated the shit filled troughs of Hudson County politics.  I would also think if Menendez desired some no strings attached sex, he could easily find it without having to pay for it. I suspect there is no shortage of women attracted to the power of a latino, U.S. Senator.  

      The two year, delinquent reimbursement for the flights is troublesome.  It was probably an effort to disperse the scent of scandal he smelled brewing.  

      Maybe I am gullible and Menendez is a greedy, whore chasing, scoundrel.  I really don’t think (and hope) that is the case.


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