Republican National Committee Fundraises With Statutory Rape Joke

So the Republican National Committee decided they were going to be funny for Valentine’s Day and put out pretend romantic cards with Democratic politicians’ faces on them.

One of these cards is with US Senator from NJ Bob Menendez, who faced anonymous and now discredited (twice) accusations of sleeping with underaged prostitutes.

So what does the GOP do?  This:

Always classy, the RNC decided to fundraise off statutory rape with a joke.  And they wonder why their influence is shrinking.

It also explains why they were so determined to block the Violence Against Women Act.

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  1. ken bank

    Don’t make this worse than it is. The “Valentine” doesn’t mention sex, doesn’t mention prostitutes, doesn’t mention underage, and doesn’t mention the “R” word. You’re the first person I’ve seen apply that accusation to Senator Menendez. And I haven’t heard anybody, even Teabaggers, suggest that even if the sex allegations were true that Bob Menendez is guilty of statutory rape. You’re not helping the Senator by putting that accusation next to his name. I’m not an expert on statutory law, and since this occurred in the DR where prostitution is legal and the girls are licensed professionals, I don’t believe the Senator could be prosecuted under Dominican law. If the girl was underage, it’s likely she had forged documents, not uncommon in that part of the world. That’s not the Senator’s fault or responsibility, so to call it “statutory rape”, and you’re the only person I’ve seen apply that accusation to the Senator, seems rather unfair and even slanderous, to say the least.

    What is serious about all this is not the sex but the trips themselves and the fact they were not reported or reimbursed until more than two years and only then after a complaint was filed with the Ethics Committee.

    One final thought. I feel alot better about Senator Menendez “cavorting” with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic than I would if he was playing hanky-panky with Congressional staffers and corporate lobbyists, wouldn’t you?  


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