Report on Project #UnfriendChristie (so far)

Thanks to strong participation – including from the Blue Jersey community – our week-long #UnfriendChristie outreach to Mark Zuckerberg is rolling into a nice success. As you know, Gov. Christie is in California for a big fundraiser at the home of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan – the first-ever time they’ve hosted a politician in their Palo Alto home. That’s Wednesday. But all week, Blue Jersey’s helping drive a now-national howl at Zuckerberg’s decision, particularly galling since Facebook has a good record in LGBT policies, and Christie is the only thing standing in the way of gay NJ couples in love marrying here. Here’s a quick report on what’s already launched, and what’s coming Wednesday and beyond in Project #UnfriendChristie:

Yesterday (Mon): We got great coverage on Day #1, including this national story at BuzzFeed. Yesterday was the launch of the #UnfriendChristie Twitter Bomb (what’s that?), made more audacious by the massive participation of all our allies, very much including the Blue Jersey readership. We tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg (@finkd on Twitter, if you were wondering) like mad, scores and scores of tweets letting him know the many reasons we object to his raising money to re-elect Christie. Most retweeted? That would be Rep. Frank Pallone (@FrankPallone, RT’d 19 times). Big thanks to him for that, and to all of you, including the many people who pushed out BuzzFeed at Facebook and Twitter.

Today (Tues): 3 petitions just went into circulation. Please sign any: (1) Democracy for America (2) Garden State Equality (3) NJ Working Families Alliance. Wednesday, as Christie’s being feted at chez Zuckerberg-Chan in Palo Alto, DFA and friends will be protesting outside and trying to deliver those petitions.

Tomorrow (Wed) – What you can do: Wednesday’s the fundraiser. And we take to Zuck’s own invention – Facebook. We’ll be asking you to swap out your Facebook profile pic and/or cover pic for a picture of you telling Zuckerberg what you think of his raising money for Christie (um, please keep it clean). Check back here tomorrow; we’ll show you what we mean.

This is a full-scale project, drawing on the membership, the press outreach and the social media skills of such groups as Democracy for America (here in NJ, and in California), Garden State Equality, Working Families, and CWA. Twitter Bombs. Facebook actions. Rally. Petitions. Press releases. And it’s an experiment, which means we’re all learning as we’re doing. Got suggestions? Ways to make it stronger? We want to hear it.

But you’re driving it. So, big thanks for that. (Just joining in? Catch up here & here). And, oh, if you’re on Twitter, are you following @BlueJersey?

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    ….who can fashion us up a pic to use for our profile pics on Facebook for tomorrow’s online protest?

  2. Joshua Henne

    One really easy thing to do is to simply tweet under the hashtag #UnfriendChristie today or tomorrow.  

    While the rest of the country only knows Chris Christie from his manufactured youtube moments, puff piece national pieces and softball interviews…here in NJ we all know the real story.  

    So, take the chance to make sure to make your voice heard.


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