Punishment, Capitulation, Reward

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I’m worried that Chris Christie will capitulate to C-PAC and the conservative movement after being denied a speaking spot there.  And by capitulate I mean moving to the right, immediately by denying 300,000 New Jerseyans access to health care on the federal government’s dime.

Because he’s done it before.  George Bush told Christie he’d get no job in the administration, and so Christie and his family members donated a million bucks and suddenly Christie was the US Attorney.

Christie was on a list of US Attorneys who were being considered for replacement, then dropped a subpoena — which turned out to be specious — on Bob Menendez on the last possible day before election day against Tom Kean, Jr.  Christie was taken off the list.

You gotta hope that Chris Christie will consider the 300,000 people — children, single mothers, the unemployed — gaining Medicaid support for health care paid for by the federal government is more important than his conservative credentials and his presidential aspirations.

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  1. deciminyan

    I’m also worried that if Christie gets re-elected, his move to the right will be even more dramatic. Starting the day after his re-election (which will hopefully not happen), Christie will go into full-blown presidential election mode and will start to mend fences with the extremists he offended by appointing a Muslim judge and working with an African-American President. Christie is a political opportunist and won’t give a damn about New Jersey after November.


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