Photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s funder for Christie in Palo Alto

What I love about my morning: messages from NJ political press asking if Blue Jersey was outside Zuckerberg’s house last night, because of the color commentary we posted last night just after Zuck’s Christie funder ended. That post was drawn from first-hand reports from some of the participants. And last night’s protest presence was something Blue Jersey had a hand in organizing, supporting DFA, Credo Action and their California friends who object to Christie almost as much as we do. Almost.  

We’ll write more on the week-long #UnfriendChristie project, that we helped drive and united many groups in NJ & California. But for now, here are some snapshots from last night in Palo Alto (h/t Sam Briggs, Credo Action). These are from outside, probably a better crowd of people than inside:

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