#NJAssembly Gun Safety Vote Scheduled for Thursday

Gun proliferation advocates are like mosquitoes on a damp summer day. No matter where you turn, they show up. They outnumbered the gun safety advocates at the governor’s task force meeting in Camden earlier this month. Their shouts at the Senate Majority Leader and Committee Chair at the Assembly’s St. Valentine’s Day hearings were palpable. Now, they’re preparing to make their voices heard in the Assembly chamber as that body is set to vote on gun safety legislation on Thursday. Among the bills to be considered is one that prohibit sale of guns to individuals on the terrorist watch list. Incredibly, no Republican on the Law and Public Safety Committee voted for that bill. Other common-sense legislation includes limitations on magazine size and armor-piercing ammunition.

No doubt, the NRA weapons-industrial complex is planning to bus in hundreds of the same boisterous advocates to the Thursday voting session. Hopefully, those who support gun safety laws will not be a silent majority. There’s at least one group that is busing folks from North Jersey to attend the session. Whether or not you can be there, be sure your Assembly members (and sadly, there are Democrats who are in the clutches of the NRA) know how important it is to strengthen New Jersey’s gun safety laws. There was a good turnout at the Jersey City rally on a cold January day (photo). Let’s repeat that and make sure our lawmakers know their constituents demand gun safety.  

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  1. rickryder

    I just read your article and your not being truthful to your readers! The NRA had nothing to do with the bus loads of Patriots that attended the rally or the meeting…. It was mostly NJ2AS members and people from sporting good stores and hunting clubs!  Why do you unfairly tell the story? I love the way you say “ARMOR-PIERCING AMMUNITION”…NO what the bill says is ammo that will pierce body armor which means most every hunting rifle ammo….body armor is designed to stop pistol bullets not rifle bullets…. I think you all need to start printing the facts and if you don’t know them take a course in firearms so you have a clue what your talking about!

    So can any of you tell me if they pass these unconstitutional laws how are they going to affect the criminals that carry out these killings?  They had the toughest laws in Newtown Conn. and that didn’t stop the guy from doing what he did…. Do you think 10-20- 100 new laws would have stopped him??

    We have laws for drugs,child porn,human trafficking etc. but it happens daily on the black market….you see the laws don’t matter to the criminals!

    The only thing that will stop most of this madness is ENFORCING THE LAWS! STIFF JAIL SENTENCES FOR GUN CRIMES! Better yet how about capitol punishment for first offences,that should make them think twice!

    Wake up people!

  2. LawfulGunOwner

    You are WAY off base, the committee last week started out by not wanting to hear any testimony at all on the bills, pro or con. What kind of democracy is that? As a Democrat, I was there to protest and testify against this blatant set of infringements on my rights. I am a  lifelong lawful firearm owner and Union member. I own semi automatic rifles and pistols and have never shot anyone. My wife does as well and is able to protect herself in our home if needs be I AM NOT THE PROBLEM! WHY MUST THESE LAWS EVEN BE INTRODUCED?? They will do NOTHING to stop ANY criminals AT ALL!

  3. teaneckresident1

    The meeting on Sunday in Teaneck changed my mind about gun owners.  They were all very nice respectable human beings. We  are passing laws about a subject we know little about. I admit I am ignorant about guns. All I knew about them was what I saw on TV and heard others talk about. One young man by the name of Marcus proved most everythign wrong. I did think a pistol grip on a rifle was evil because it gives a person more control. Well heck, don’t you want to be in control of a gun? He’s right.

    Let’s slow down and our legislatures should too.  We need to demand that our representatives talk to and learn from people from the NJ Second Amendment Society  before making any decisions. I am now concerned that we will be hurting more people than doing good.  


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