News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013


  • NJ-SAFE Task Force public hearing: Talking about guns in the most dangerous city in the USA the world.

  • Camden residents weigh in on violence.


  • More Dominican denials back Menendez.

    Christie takes aim at Star-Ledger and reporter Jarrett Renshaw for reporting on Ashbritt Inc. no-bid Sandy contract

  • Christie: news accounts of state’s no-bid AshBritt contract are “shoddy journalism”.

  • Star Ledger Editor Kevin Whitmer: We stand by our story.

  • @kevinwhitmer also hit back on Christie’s criticisms of the paper here and here.

    Sandy Recovery and more AshBritt Inc.

  • Belmar mayor defends use of AshBritt.

  • Ocean County GOP Chair George Gilmore’s on the AshBritt payroll.

  • Christie & Belmay Mayor Doherty defend AshBritt.

  • Yes, Governor Christie. You Did Think About The Cause of Sandy.

  • Christie: Pace of Sandy relief payouts “has stunk”.

  • Christie: National flood insurance program is “a disgrace”.


  • Christie’s weight worries former White House doctor.

  • Christie’s doctor: (his) luck is going to run out relatively soon.
  • The Anti-Congress: Why Chris Christie Is the Most Electable Man in Politics.


  • You hybrid and plug-in car people; you’re messing it up.

  • Pressure growing on Christie to approve Medicaid expansion.

    Jersey Road Warriors

  • In Defense of the Jughandle.

    NJ State Police trooper wants disciplinary charges dropped in beating of disabled man

  • On the technicality of waiting too long to punish him.


  • Study: Many teachers wary of new evaluations.
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