News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Governor Christie’s Budget Address

  • The details, wherein lies the devil.

  • Text of budget address.

  • Budget Games: How Christie Plugged $3 Billion Structural Deficit.

  • Stile: Christie presents recipe for his re-election, and something more.

  • Symons Analysis: Christie’s address walked political line.

  • Christie includes $97M more for schools, but critics warn it’s far from enough.

  • Initiative may let seniors avoid nursing homes.

  • $40M in Sandy aid in seen as help in time of federal spending turmoil.

  • More school ‘choice’ pushed in budget.

    Buono Response to Christie Budget

  • Video.

  • Tom Moran on Buono’s after-Christie remarks.

    What were the Assembly Dems thinking?

  • And when will we smarten up about communications?

  • Oliver: Christie doesn’t think about residents living below poverty level.


  • Punishment, Capitulation, Reward.

  • CPAC source says Christie wasn’t invited because he has a “limited future” in the Republican Party.
  • EMILY’s List endorses Barbara Buono.

    Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history

  • And the GOP.


  • Christie signs bill legalizing online gambling.

  • Christie makes reluctant decision on Medicaid.

  • Christie bucks GOP, accepts Medicaid funds.

  • Raymond Castro (NJPP): Christie makes right move on Medicaid expansion.

    Jersey City: Healy v. Fulop for Mayor

  • Healy: ‘I’m going to stay here. You can’t say that about our opponent’.
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