News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013

Gambling: When he sank $261 million in state tax credits into Revel, Chris Christie called it a “game-changer for Atlantic City”

  • How exactly? Fastest casino ever to hit bankruptcy?

  • Never fear, plenty of places to gamble, maybe soon even on the interwebs.

  • The Record: “It is unsettling to see reports that state casino regulations may be relaxed in the name of being more accommodating to business interests.”

    Who’s the jerkoff “top Democrat” who gave this quote about Barbara Buono to The Daily Beast?

  • Flush him – yes, almost certainly a “him” – out.

  • The Daily Beast profiles Buono.

    Poll: Christie at 74% job approval

  • Highest of any governor in 17 years of Quinnipiac polling.

  • Quinnipiac Poll.

  • Also polled: 76% want to raise the minimum wage, which Christie effectively moved against.

    “Mary Pat Christie’s” Sandy relief fund ready to give out money

  • Its board is stacked with bigwigs of lobbying, philanthropy & corporate giving, many of whom have connections to Gov. Christie.

    This should absolutely happen.

  • Assembly Dems may grant themselves subpoena power to compel NJ Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff to appear before the Budget Committee, after he has declined 4 requests to appear in 5 months.

    AshBritt mess heating up

  • Sweeney wants elected officials to turn down Ashbritt donations.

  • AshBritt: Here’s a handy history.

    Lou Greenwald: Sensible ways to curb gun violence

  • By the Assembly Majority Leader, a key player in the gun safety bill package.

  • Thursday: Assembly gun safety vote.


  • Defends contributions to RGA by NJ companies that can’t contribute directly to him. Of course he does.

    Sandy just a harbinger of worse storms to come

  • Report shows that climate change isn’t distant future, it’s here.

  • Read the report.


  • More school districts – at least 25 – move elections to November.

  • Camden’s LEAP parents show support even in latest controversy.

  • 2 new Paterson charters connected to established networks.

  • And Jersey Jazzman tells you who they are.


  • NJ Transit chief: Staff trip to NOLA was a study in managing Super Bowl visitors.


  • PolitickerNJ: Why Oliver likely won’t run for Senate.

    The Record: Schroeder’s dilemma

  • It appears  as if the sad saga of Asm Bob Schroeder is destined to play out not just in the immediate term but well into the future, perhaps into the official campaign season, when Bergen Republicans will then have to scramble to explain why their incumbent legislator is not on the ballot.

    Bear hugs in Essex

  • Christie & Dems decry partisanship at Joe D’s state of the county.
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    1. deciminyan
    2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      on Revel:

      “This is certainly disappointing, but it is not unexpected.  Management at Revel has made mistakes since day 1.  I informed and asked Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck to look into these issues on more than one occasion.  Those concerns were apparently ignored.  In the meantime, everyone else saw Revel’s problems and told them they had to change.  I guess this is their idea of change.

      “The bottom line is that we have to make Revel work.  It is too important to Atlantic City and the surrounding area not to see it turn around.  Whether that turnaround happens through this bankruptcy filing, new management, or both, remains to be seen.  But something has to change.”


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