News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013

Soon: Lights come down on Cape May’s GSP. Maybe: no more “Jersey lefts”.

Also, you gotta feel good for Audubon.

Transparency Governor doesn’t want you seeing who he schmoozes with

  • Sounds like a pretty BS reason to deny an OPRA request to see who the Christies entertained at Drumthwacket.

    Catholic schools are funny

  • North Arlington Catholic school makes girls swear not to swear, lets boys do whatever the f*@k they want.

  • Caves when America makes fun of them, “opens” its no-swearing pledge to boys.


  • Amick: Sen. Barbara Buono unseating Gov. Chris Christie? Don’t be surprised.

  • Why does Barbara Buono want to be Governor?

  • Buono interview on WNYC. (Audio)

  • Tea Partier Seth Grossman, former Atlantic Freeholder, wants to primary Christie.

    Camden gambles on firing police

  • Dana Redd’s high wire act in outsourcing police to the county may also risk her chance of re-election. But who can think of that, as Camden residents discuss whether response time is dipping, or if police are coming at all.

  • TONIGHT: Camden residents can tell the govt how to keep their neighborhoods & schools safer.

    Lakewood’s Tent City gets a reprieve

  • The 80 or so residents, living outdoors in shanties of found materials and tarps, won’t have dismantle their homes at least until a court hearing in 2 weeks.

  • More Jerseynomics: Scheme to dedicate sales tax revenue to preserve open land seems to be early favorite.

    Christie and Letterman split a donut

  • Video.

    Sandy Recovery

  • Sandy spending cleanup contract and possible AshBritt Inc. overcharging prompts hearing.


  • Principal at Passaic Valley HS may soon carry a gun.

  • Paterson teachers oppose district’s efforts to implement merit pay.

    South Jersey Magazine <3’s George Norcross

  • He’s a man with a plan. He’s in it to win it. He is George Norcross, and he is finally stepping out of the shadows. Do these sentences need exclamation points?

    Yet he wants to be their standard-bearer for U.S. Senate from NJ

  • Geraldo Rivera calls GOP the “party of scolds”.

  • Fox News will “monitor” Geraldo as he decides whether to run.

    Donald Trump’s War on Comedy

  • Bill Maher told a simple birth certificate joke, and now going to sue.

    Christie, N.J. Democrats reach deal to break judicial logjam

  • Including Joseph Oxley, former GOP chair in Christie vote-rich Monmouth, accused by Solomon Dwek of tipping him off to foreclosures before they were public. Once upon a time, Christie investigated that.


  • Calls anonymous prostitution allegations “smears”. “It’s amazing to me that anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals on a website can drive that type of story into the mainstream, but that’s what they’ve done successfully.”
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      A sign that Christie will follow?  Gives him cover.  Have they talked?


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