News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

Gov. Christie budget address – 3pm today

  • That embarrassing moment when you’re standing there with a huge structural deficit and revenue that isn’t what you said it would be.

  • Federal squabble threatens N.J. budget.

  • On N.J. budget eve, more calls for Christie to expand Medicaid.

    Christie – not C enough for C-PAC

  • C-PAC tells everybody Christie’s not invited.


  • “That presents some challenges to him how [Christie] treats her. He’s not going to be able to belittle her intellectually.”.

  • National Dems begin recasting Christie.

  • EMILY’s List top 10 reasons to defeat Christie.

    AshBritt, Christie & Sandy Recovery

  • Dems announce hearing to examine AshBritt contract & Sandy response. Chair of AshBritt’s lobbying firm is hosting a fundraiser at his Virginia estate for Christie on Thursday.
  • Sandy: Slow Recovery & Now Sequestration.
  • N.J. to launch mediation program for Hurricane Sandy insurance disputes.


  • NJ towns & cities offer Local IDs to undocumented immigrants.

  • Sanctuary seekers get reprieve.


  • Jim Florio speaks out for the Assembly’s 22-bill gun safety package, while a ‘Second Amendment’ advocate threatens civil disobedience to stop the bills’ progress.


  • Pascrell: Sequestration pain would begin ‘immediately’.

  • Gordon MacInnes: What N.J. needs: Investment and jobs.

  • Stile: Christie has a tough choice on Medicaid.

    Blast from the Past

  • Robert Bork in the news again & a vote Frank Lautenberg can be proud of.
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