News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013

Guess what doesn’t scare vultures away? Banging pots.

Crowdsourcing #Unfriend Christie to Mark Zuckerberg

  • Wow, great national coverage in BuzzFeed!

  • Wonder what this is about? Catch up here and here. Today’s action will be announced here this morning.

    Hero nurse from Secaucus sitting with FLOTUS at SOTU tonight

  • Menchu DeLuna Sanchez organized NICU nurses & docs to carry 20 critically ill babies down 9 flights of stairs – using only cellphones for light – when Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to her hospital in NYC.

  • 9PM tonight: Obama State of the Union Address.

  • Post-speech outreach.

    What’s the guy in Hart 141 going to do?

  • Frank Lautenberg moves into a larger office in the Hart Senate Building, which may or may not be the action of a senator mulling retirement.

  • From Slate: Should elderly politicians make like the Pope and quit?

    Here is Barbara Buono’s challenge:

  • Overwhelming majority of NJ voters say Christie should be re-elected – Poll: 78% say they don’t know enough about Buono.

  • But once again, Christie has no coattails.

    Buono suffers minor facial cuts after car accident

  • She was riding in the back seat when the accident happened in Franklin Twp.


  • Tried to discourage U.S. plans to donate port security equipment to the Dominican Republic, citing concern it might undermine efforts by a private company – the one run by his major contributor and friend Salamon Melgen.

  • NYTimes editorial: The Menendez mess, continued.

    TODAY: Rally to Save Camden Police Department

  • NAACP and Camden residents to rally outside City Hall 4pm.

    Doing the Right Thing for New Jersey’s Most Vulnerable Population

  • The state wants to close two developmental centers, shifting residents to more distant centers or group homes. Parents say that would be a tragedy.

    NJ GOP congressmen try to pull Boehner, Cantor back to reality on VAWA

  • Runyan, LoBiondo, Lance, Frelinghuysen. No Garrett, no Smith.


  • Samantha Maltzman steps down as Cory Booker’s finance director after 2 weeks.

    Getting there

  • NJ Transit study to advance Phila.-N.J. rapid transit plan.


  • Assertive moves on fracking from NJ Democrats.

  • Dems agree to Christie changes on internet gambling.

  • No more credit card company marketing to NJ public college students.

  • Sources: Sweeney leans on Oliver to get his version of PLA bill done in Assembly.

  • Gun rights advocates say Wed. committee agenda too heavy for true debate.
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    1. Alex

      I don’t know the exact circumstances but, when I read that the location was at the intersection of Cedar Grove and Easton in Franklin Twp., I wasn’t surprised. I live in the township and have to go through that intersection twice every day and am surprised that there aren’t more accidents there. Drivers take unnecessary risks at that high-volume intersection. I hope Senator Buono is ok.

    2. carolh

      Here are a few other things to think about: There is not only a formation called the Marcellus shale – but Utica Shale as well. Which IS in NJ – the most beautiful part of NJ.…  They may in the future want to drill here in NJ, not just illegally dump their waste here.  Probably the real reason the gas industry cares very much if NJ institutes a fracking ban in NJ.  Legislators need to look into this – seriously. This is where the gas industry is going to plunder next…

      Art imitating life: Just saw the House of Cards Netflix series.  Very close to home. The creepy guy always lurking in the shadows is a fracking lobbyist who used to be an aide to a Democratic Congressman. The Delaware watershed figures prominently in the plot. Too close to home. I wonder how many Dem legislators these guys are going after here in NJ in real life….


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