News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013

Snow – ish.


  • Opinion: Buono vs. Christie: It’s not going to be Kean vs. Shapiro revisited.

  • Say hello to the Obama alumni working for Buono now.
  • State Dems demand investigation of Niki Trunk, potential LD-3 Senate candidate.


  • Cozy, cozy with Chris Christie.


  • A non-announcement on Facebook from Geraldo, who may have had a little equal-time snag.

    Here is an issue where Christie very much wants to control message

  • Christie calls the former Clinton White House personal physician a “hack” and tells her to “shut up” about his weight. “She should probably be the surgeon general of the United States I suspect because she must be a geniuskk.


  • NAACP state Chair James Harris discusses the city’s police situation (audio).

    Sandy Recovery

  • Experts: Rebuilding standards at Jersey Shore must reflect climate change.

  • Star-Ledger: Christie wrong to slam report about AshBritt cleanup contract with N.J. towns.

  • Port Authority: Sandy Caused $2B in Damage.


  • Menendez controversy barely registers with residents in upscale Dominican resort.


  • Reclassifyng Proposal as Pilot Project Could Help Offshore Wind Get Under Way: Assembly committee looks at amending bill.


  • Changes to special ed code adds to tension between parents & administration.


  • Star-Ledger: Troubling N.J. audit finds $12.2M in wasted spending meant for foster kids.
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    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Not as invoved as its history of corruption to be sure, but Boss John Kenney supported Bill Cahill in 1969, and Tom Kean had his county supporters in his two elections.  Including now congressman Alberto Sires.

      And Stack the Hack was at it again today:


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