News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013

To the Batmobile!


  • Pascrell on Christie blaming Obama: “Instead of throwing partisan punches and tying himself to the true believer wing of the Republican Party by blaming the president for the sequester, the governor should be talking sense into his allies in Congress.”

  • Looming federal budget cuts mean little pain for some, a lot for others.

    Firm offered cheaper rates to clean up after Sandy

  • But Christie stuck with AshBritt.


  • Mitt Romney ponies up max to Christie.

  • The case against Chris Christie.

  • Scott Brown hosting funder for Christie in Boston Friday.

  • Carl Golden: It’s time for Democrats to get in line behind candidate Buono.

  • Latino Leadership PAC to endorse Christie.


  • Christie: Best Part of Being NJ Governor is Leaving NJ.
  • Stile: Doubt cast on Christie’s call to revive tax cut promise.

  • Bill Maher: Why Christie is authentic (despite being kind of a prick).

  • FiveThirtyEight: Conservatives love affair with Christie is over.

  • Christie dissed by CPAC: Good or bad for him?

  • Cillizza: What Christie has that other politicians don’t.

  • Daily Beast: Why the GOP doesn’t love Christie.

  • Politico: Chris Christie wishes CPAC ‘all the best’.

  • MSNBC: Christie vs. Rubio: Inside the numbers.

  • AtlanticWire: Christie has friends in all the wrong places (for a Republican).

  • Conservatives’ self-defeating hatred of Christie.

  • Politico: Christie’s Obamacare move dicey for 2016.
  • ‘God-awful’: Christie again goes after Atlantic City mayor & muni government.

    Municipal aid figures released

  • Look up how much your town is getting.


  • NJ frets over smart grid technology, while U.S., other countries move ahead.


  • TPM: Christie on Medicaid expansion: “We are putting people first.”

  • MSNBC: Christie joins the GOP’s new Medicaid fan club.


  • Highlights of Christie’s $32.9B N.J. budget proposal.

  • Christie budget taps N.J. Clean Energy Fund.

  • Christie budget contains no new money to expand controversial mental health program.

  • Why can’t we bet on sports in NJ?

    Rush Holt to Steve Marlzberg

  • “Surprised” conservatives snubbed Christie; Christie’s still perceived as conservative as far as he’s concerned.


  • Charter school ‘reform’ on back burner starts to heat up again.
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    1. scarletbgonias

      Meet the nine republican men who won’t consider ANY version of the VAWA.

      Yup. Garrett is one of them.


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