News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day.

This was the scene at Zuckerberg’s Christie funder

  • Condi Rice and guests have to walk through protest line at street.
  • Zuckerberg’s Christie Fundraiser Draws Fans, Protesters.
  • Protesters greet Christie at Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto house.

    24-bill gun safety package

  • Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee despite protests.
  • Thanks to for posting our Live-Tweeting alongside their reporters’.
  • In Ft. Lee, Weinberg tells parents addressing mental health issues is part of preventing gun violence.


  • In the midst of Hudson war with Stack, Sacco pairs off with Buono.

    Families plead with lawmakers not to shut Totowa, Woodbridge developmental centers

  • Emotions overflowed as dozens of relatives of the developmentally disabled tearfully called on the Christie administration to reconsider a decision to close the only two state institutions in northeast NJ devoted to the care of their loves ones.

    N.J. firms donated over $700,000 to Republican Governors Association

  • NJ-based construction companies, engineering firms, utilities & casinos – including many barred from making direct contributions to candidates – gave the RGA more than $700k last year when Christie was its vice chair.


  • Hoboken could be a model for dealing with urban flooding.
  • Hoboken mayor has other initiatives besides seawall.
  • Hoboken State of the City Address. Video


  • 4 young reasons to hope.


  • Our Jersey Jazzman guest posts at Diane Ravitch’s blog.
  • Battle over Hebrew charter school in East Brunswick ends up in court.
  • Frank Breslin: Laying siege to New Jersey’s public school system.
  • Mother Crusader: Charter cash cow lands in Paterson! Got New Markets tax credits?


  • Ledger: Obama takes a page from Christie on leadership.


  • Menendez off to Afghanistan as conservative groups take aim on ethics.

    Ash Wednesday March

  • N.J. immigration advocates call for rights, reform during march.

    How do you talk your way out of this one?

  • Jersey City councilwoman defends comments that ‘everyone’ in her ward has criminal record.

  • Comments (5)

    1. vmars

      “Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee despite protests” could be just as easily “Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee with broad support”

    2. denniscmcgrath

      and reporters rarely get to write their own headlines.

    3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

      I don’t for one moment discount the power, the money and the reach of the gun lobby – nor its influence over the Republican Party.

      But largely because it’s consigned its more commonsense element over to the whackadoodles and survivalists elements – much as the whole GOP has sold its calmer, more reasoned soul to the ‘tea party’ – and because Wayne LaPierre is monumentally tone-deaf, the gun folks have done this to themselves. People are just stopping listening to them, and thankfully at least some politicians have stopped quaking in their boots.

      I feel bad for the ordinary, not-nuts Second Amendment advocates. Their leaders have convinced too many of them that Barack Obama’s going to crawl into their bedroom some night and take their weapons right out of the nightstand. Or worse, send in jack-booted government thugs” to do it.  

    4. deciminyan

      Maybe the guv’mint is crawling into our bedrooms at night, but your guns will be impotent at stopping what may really be taking place.

    5. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

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