News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Feb. 25, 2013

More on the visitor birds from Canada.

What an awful decision by The Record

  • Cartoonist Jimmy Margulies provided some of the best color commentary for New Jersey politics – and did so with great humor – for more than 22 years. And he lost his job this weekend.

    Tim Eustace and Reed Gusciora on Marriage Equality

  • Gearing up for a fight on multiple fronts.

    Want Chris Christie to be president in 2016? No?

  • Here’s how you can prevent it.


  • Budget’s Bottom Line: Christie Needs Revenue Bonanza.

  • How will Christie deal with his big revenue shortfall, and the obvious fact that even this year’s budget wasn’t based on realistic economic growth.

  • Christie’s budget hinges on federal aid for storm relief.

  • Christie & co. keep tight lid on education funding in budget.

    White House to N.J.:

  • Be ready to lose a lot if the sequester takes effect.


  • Bedeviled Menendez confronts accusations with words of MLK.

  • Menendez, at Trenton church, says he has shared ‘sting of discrimination’.

    And btw – Barbour is a partner in the lobbying firm that reps AshBritt’s D.C. interests

  • Haley Barbour defends Christie hiring of AshBritt for Sandy Recovery


  • Cory Booker: coy on broadcasting 2014 Senate run, but not in raking in the cash.


  • Star-Ledger: NJ Senate should quickly pass gun control bills.

  • Al Doblin says the Dems rushed their gun package, shooting from the hip.

    All well and good for him, but he’s still all coat, no tails

  • Christie has no need for Republican stars to campaign for him.
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    1. carolh

      He was my favorite part of the entire newspaper.  I hope the New Yorker or the New York Times snaps him up ASAP.  I love his cartoons. Nobody but nobody had his pulse on NJ like he did. He is the Thomas Nast of our day and deserves much better treatment. They will be writing about his work centuries from now….


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