News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Feb. 18, 2013

Backyard bird feeders and surprise guests from Canada.


  • Cory Booker tells Washington Post ‘2014 is a long way off’ but has already scheduled a fundraiser in Palm Beach next month.
  • After early setbacks in Senate race, Booker says he’ll focus on Newark.
  • Mildred Crump, former Booker ally: “I was taught to respect my elders and while I am not perfect, it has been disgusting to watch how Cory Booker has disrespected the senator over the years. Cory Booker should not even be considered to replace a ‘gentleman!’  I know he considers himself the ‘heir apparent’ to the Senator’s seat, but he does not have the last word. The people do.”

    Why didn’t Newark’s 2 top police officials show up at a heavily-attended community meeting to address rising gun violence in the West Ward?

  • 80 people showed up and they didn’t. This morning 9am, West Ward councilman Ron C. Rice and community members take to the street.

    Did global warming and rising sea levels trigger Hurricane Sandy? And does it matter?

  • Chris Christie says it doesn’t, leaving it to scientists and the rest of us to urge long-range planning.

    Camden charter school chef gets $24,000 raise

  • To $95k – higher significantly more than comparable food-service directors in other public school districts. (Oh, and by the way, he’s also the live-in boyfriend of the founder and board chair of the charter school).

    You know those emails you get, for a low-dollar donation, you might win a trip to hobnob with Democratic governors?

  • That’s not how the GOP does it. Fork over enough and it’s golf and ski retreats and big chances for big influence.

    Christie to Boston for fundraiser

  • Gotta love the guest list. Fellow Bush White House beneficiaries, and recently defeated Gov. Scott Brown, loser in the Elizabeth Warren ascension and new Fox Newsie.

    Mayor Healy and running mates launch campaign

  • Election in May.


  • For NJ early education advocates, Obama’s State of the Union carries hopeful message.


  • With budget clock ticking, what happens to efforts to preserve open space?
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