News Roundup and Open Thread

The state is suing a Hurricane Sandy relief organization:

“This organization told the state it does not pay its executives, but our investigators found a paper trail reflecting thousands of dollars being transferred into the individual defendants’ personal bank accounts,” Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said in a prepared statement. “Meanwhile, less than one percent of the money raised, has allegedly been paid out to help the victims of Sandy.”


As you read here at Blue Jersey, 22 gun bills were passed by the Assembly. Senate President Sweeney says the Senate will consider gun bills by the end of April.

Money and Roads

Will Chris Christie allow Medicaid expansion? Even Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has folded now. We might find out on Tuesday.

Chris Christie may be flying high in the polls, but his budget isn’t doing well. The state $350 million short this year.

Meanwhile the roads are falling apart. Here’s the latest from Atlantic County.

Plans are on for a 295/76/42 interchange upgrade. It will take until 2021. There are also upcoming bridge replacements on Route 57 in Mansfield.


Bill Parscell visited Bergen Tech to highlight the Bring Jobs Home Act:

While these bright students are working hard holding up their end of the bargain, we need to do the same to make sure there are good jobs waiting for them upon completion of their studies


I’ve been writing round-ups for years and I’m getting tired of the unresolved Shieldalloy radioactive-slag-heap case.

The South Jersey Times points out Camden and Atlantic City made Forbes’ list of most miserable cities.

2013 Races

The WSJ looks at how former Obama aide Mark Alexander is challenging Nia Gill.

Republicans are trying to recruit Peter Inverso to run against Linda Greenstein.

The state higher education teachers union endorsed Barbara Buono for governor:

“Under the Christie administration New Jersey has the worst job creation numbers of any state in the country and has suffered big cuts to funding in education,” said Tim Haresign, a Stockton biology professor and President of the Council of New Jersey State College Locals (, an American Federation of Teachers affiliate representing more than 9,000 faculty, adjunct faculty, librarians and professional staff at New Jersey’s nine state colleges and universities. “Senator Barbara Buono is dedicated to reversing these trends and fighting for a brighter future for the workers and students of the New Jersey.”

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    A run by him in 14 would concern me.  But Greenstein’s proven to be a tough campaigner, and I would put money on her holding the seat.


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