New Jersey Loves The Big Dog

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So, apparently New Jersey has soured on Ronald Reagan enough to push President Bill Clinton to the top of the heap.

Bill Clinton is New Jersey’s favorite president of all time, according to a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll, released this Presidents Day…

Ronald Reagan held the top spot in 2010, when 24 percent of respondents said the nation’s 40th chief executive was their favorite. But that support has eroded to 16 percent this year, according to the poll.

I dunno what Reagan did since his death to piss people off, but losing eight points is amazing.

This whole thing amazes me, that people pick presidents who haven’t been out of office that long.  I mean, Clinton over Lincoln? Washington? Jefferson? A guy who saved the country, a guy who created the country, and a guy who bought three-quarters of the country get short shrift above a guy who pretty much presided over a good economy and weathered terrible partisan attacks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill Clinton too.  He’s definitely my favorite President of my lifetime.  But not of all time.

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  1. Carl Bergmanson

    Most folks don’t have much sense of history. They know BC because he’s still alive.


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