More Media Double Standards on Sandy Charity

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A couple weeks ago we noted a double standard on how the media reported on Sandy charities, and today we get another example.

In that Asbury Park Press article a Sandy charity that was not properly registered with the government was blasted for this:

Meanwhile, the foundation has yet to distribute more than $800,000 (of $1M) in cash donations, according to Sandberg. …

(However), The foundation already has distributed roughly a half-million dollars in donated supplies and nearly $150,000 worth of gift cards to community groups and storm victims throughout New Jersey and New York, Sandberg said.

Today’s the Star Ledger writes:

As communities take up the arduous task of rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, first lady Mary Pat Christie’s relief fund is poised to begin distributing $32 million collected with help from the Christies’ political and business contacts.

The Christie charity was not registered with the state or IRS properly at the start, even while accepting million dollar contributions in November. Now we find out that they’ve collected $32 million and haven’t issued a penny to the people at the shore who desperately need the help.  

They get lauded for being so wonderful for collecting $32 million and providing no help. This other charity – which, interestingly is now under state investigation – led by an amateur couple who tried to do right but didn’t have the experience to register properly yet still gave out $650,000 in direct aid to people when they needed it, gets ripped in the papers.

Why is that?

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