More Dominican Denials Back Menendez

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As the accusations against Bob Menendez are investigated we’re learning more and more that they’re baseless.  First the “underage prostitute” turned out to have been an of-age woman who says she’s never met Menendez, and now we have the alleged “party host” saying no such party happened.  

Separately, a prominent lawyer in the Dominican Republic on Monday denied hosting outings on his yacht involving Menendez and prostitutes. Attorney Vinicio Castillo Seman said in Santo Domingo that he would seek a criminal investigation into the source of the reports. He called the reports ”absurd.”

Castillo, the son of a presidential adviser and the brother of a member of the Dominican Republic Congress, said he has known Menendez for about 15 years but has never seen him with a prostitute.

”I have never seen him behave in any way that was not impeccable and dignified,” Castillo said.

All we have is a Senator who rode on the plane of a supporter with tax troubles and didn’t report it, and no evidence of an intent to defraud or hide the fact.  The more accusatory out there write, “Menendez only reimbursed and reported the trips after he was caught!

Well, that’s actually not in evidence.  It’s just as likely that the folks who handle Menendez’s finances screwed up by not reporting and reimbursing, and when Menendez found out due to the media reports demanded that they do their job.

That’s, in fact, what Menendez claims.

”I was in a big travel schedule in 2010 as the chairman of the DSCC” – the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – ”plus my own campaign getting ready for the election cycle,” Menendez said. ”In the process of all of that it unfortunately fell through the cracks and our processes did not catch it.”

If we learn of a lot of other flights that were unreimbursed and unreported, then those attacking Menendez as corrupt and unethical may be vindicated.  But there’s no evidence of that, and in this country we cherish the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Amazingly, the Daily Caller will suffer no pain for starting the salacious attacks on Bob Menendez.

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