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I am happy to announce my campaign website – – is now live. Take a few moments to read where I stand on the issues, how to get involved, and stay up-to-date on media reports and blog posts.

Every day I am talking to voters and bringing my case directly to working class families in the 34th District. We need new representation in Trenton who will deliver real results. With property taxes rising every year and the disparities in our schools becoming greater every day, now is the time to send a message to the establishment in the Democratic Party.

We need fresh faces with new ideas in the State Legislature.

This website and social media outreach is meant to build on the conversation I already started with voters across Clifton, East Orange, Montclair, and Orange. Reach out and tell me your thoughts and problems, so I can better talk to the issues facing our communities and address the things effecting people’s lives when I get to the State Senate.

Fundraising is off to a great start, but I need sustained grassroots donations if I’m going to take on the machine. Any donation of $10, $25, or even $50 can go a long way in helping us rent office space, buy campaign supplies, and reach voters in the district.

Can I count on your support?

Be sure to reach out to me directly at with any questions or concerns. Anyone interested in an internship can send their resumes to that email. You can also “Like” our new Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to hear from me on the campaign trail.

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